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The Process of a Teething Baby

  • If teething isn’t the worse part about being a baby, I don’t know what is! My babygirl was 6 months old when her fist tooth came through right up front on the bottom row. We thought it was so cute to see everytime she smiled, but little did I know all the pain behind the teeth that were yet to come…
  • I swear once that first tooth came in more were coming through like wild fire! By her first birthday she had TEN TEETH! Eight up front, and two molars. I am aware that the order teeth pop through the pain seems to be more intense for them especially those molars, those things are huge! I have tried so many different remedies to help soothe her sore painful little gums, and below I will share what I have tried and what worked.

What Are The Common Teething Symptoms?

The signs your baby shows that she may be teething are, inflamed gums, constant drooling, constantly biting things, their fingers…or you. They also seem to be extra fussy, problems with going to sleep, or constantly waking up, rubbing and tugging at their ears,  and omg the drool rash! Every baby is different when it comes to teething and what they may go through.

My Personal Experience

Poor Carm had a drool rash a couple times, they aren’t painful or anything they just are very noticeable and not exactly pretty. I find my child beautiful no matter what is on her face , but other people are like OMGGGG WHAT HAPPENED?? And I am just like relax people…it’s a rash from teething, she’s like a running faucet where the drool just keeps on coming no matter how much I wipe her little face.

The first time her drool rash showed up it was around 4 months and it was really no big deal I couldn’t tell what it was. It kind of looked like a small random red mark on her cheek. Sometimes when babies sleep with their pacifier in, it locks in moisture on their face where it may be covering. This then starts to form the rash. Maybe because the saliva is acidic? I honestly don’t know. At 12 months she got a bigger drool rash on her chin area. At first it looks like pimples but then just ends up looking like a large red patch.

I am constantly putting Dr. Bonner’s Magic Balm on there which helps to not only heal the area but also create a barrier so moisture doesn’t keep touching that spot. It helps ALOT. Others recommend Aquaphor and other emollient type products, where I always try the healthier alternative product first. I am about that natural life.

When to Know if it’s a Teething Symptom

  • While all babies teeth differently, they also experience the signs of teething differently. It could be right before the tooth pops up , weeks or even a few months before, maybe during or after it comes in, it just all depends. And different remedies work different for each baby as well, you just have to continue trying new things mama! When in doubt it’s always good to double check with your child’s pediatrician.

8 Best Natural Ways to Help Ease the Pain

  1. FROZEN WASHCLOTH , you just get a small wash cloth roll it and run some filtered water over it and place it in the freezer. It takes almost less than an hour to be nice and frozen, and its super soothing for babies to teeth on. You could even soak it in some chamomile tea instead, it is said to help with inflammation, and it helps with relaxation.
  2. HOMEMADE POPSICLES , I am a huge fan of making Carm popsicles. She LOVES them. (Depending on the age of course) I introduced her to solids 7 months, but before that I just used breast milk in the popsicle molds and she loved it. Once you have introduced solids, you can make your own smoothie blends of fruits and veggies to freeze for them. Since the stainless steel popsicle molds are too heavy and difficult for her to hold the Nuby ones really are the best option since it is easier for babies to grip. I just wish they weren’t plastic 🙁
  3. MASSAGE , try using your fingers to massage over their little gums to help ease the pain, and pressure. Even just letting them gum on your finger would be relieving. Clean fingers are probably best.
  4. TEETHING TOY , I am not a fan of plastic teething toys at all, but there are food grade silicone teethers, natural non treated wooden teethers, and organic cotton toys for babies to chew on. Before Carm got her 10 chompers, around 7 months, I would let her gum on a Large cold carrot. (NOT a baby carrot) She really loved it, and wasn’t able to bite any pieces off.
  5. BALTIC AMBER NECKLACE , it is said that the oils (succinic acid) in the necklace gets absorbed through the babies skin and helps ease the pain. I find it important that the necklace isn’t to where the baby can see it on themselves and put it in their mouth. It can be a choking hazard if they chew on them because it is a small beaded necklace and isn’t meant to be chewed on. Also, babies should wear these when supervised throughout the day not while they are asleep.
  6. BREASTFEED ON DEMAND , For the nursing mamas, breastfeeding on demand is also very helpful and soothing for our teething little ones. Not only does it tend to be comforting for them, but that helps relieve the pain.
  7. TEETHING BISCUITS , I think these can be very beneficial when you make your own healthy biscuits for those 6 months and up. I have never bought them from the store, I have only made them myself I do try to avoid processed food as much as I can.
  8. TEETHING GLOVES AND BIBS , I especially appreciate the bibs because it’s like a two-fer it not only helps the teething part but helps with catching the drool! Hell yes you cannot beat that! The glove is nice because it gives baby something on their own hand to chew on and protects their little fingers from getting chomped on.

Common Questions/FAQ About Teething Babies

  • What is the best method to help with the pain?
    • What has worked best for my baby is breastfeeding on demand, frozen popsicle or washcloth, and the amber necklace. I do really feel I noticed a difference when she wears the necklace, and if it helps relieve that pain and is not an unhealthy option, than I am all about it!! The teething toys do seem to help as well but not as much as the others. Now as for gum massaging before the 10 teeth of course…she wasn’t much of a fan right away so I didn’t really do it for that long to honestly know if it would help, but I know for other Mamas, it really helped their child.
  • Does my baby bite while nursing because they are in pain?
    • They very well could be. I have personally experienced this, and it lasted about two weeks for the biting to stop. When she would bite me I would just finish nursing her for that moment, and offer her something she could teethe on. The key is not to react, because they tend to continue to do it.
  • Are there topical ointments I can use to help the pain?
    • ORAJEL IS NOT RECOMMENDED. I have seen homeopathic teething remedies online, but I have not tried it.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Teething Babies

  • It is so hard to watch our little ones go through pain and discomfort. Soon enough the time will pass and the pain will diminish, but during this time it is most important we are there for them when they need us. Not only are they in pain, more fussy/emotional, but it also suppresses their immune system making them more susceptible to getting sick. Feeding them healthy is a great way to help them through this time!

What Has Worked For Your Child?

What things have helped your baby with teething, and what signs did they show when they were going through it?