*Please note: I am not a professional, this a personal blog, and the opinions expressed here represent my own.*

The Beginners Guide to Healthy Living

  • Living a healthy life is important for every single person, woman, man, child, mom, dad, grandparent, and even animals!

How Healthy Living Started In My Life

  • The past 7 years has been a journey of learning/trying different things, foods, products, etc. to live a healthier life. Growing up, I never thought about what my health could be in the far future. I constantly had stomach issues, severe cramps, random rashes, and occasional immune compromises. Every issue I had I felt was normal because at least one person around me had the exact same issue. When I went to work at a clinic that nutritionally helped all different people with chronic health issues. I met A LOT of sick people. Not just elderly. There were so many kids, teens, 20-30 year old people that had so many health issues. What I learned working there was you can feel better by changing the way you eat, and your environment. As a mom it is extra important for me to help keep my family healthy in this toxic world.

What is Healthy Living?

  • Basically how you live your life. What you do and use daily that overall affects your health either in a positive or negative way.
  • It is way more than just working out and counting calories. To create a more healthy life there are a couple key factors. Eat nutritious food (organic if possible). Look at what you are putting into as well as onto your body. Health has to do with nutrition (food), emotions (stress), physical activity (exercising) as well as environmental (chemicals we use that affect us).

How to get started with Healthy Living

  • First step is to take a look at your day to day life! Start with small steps. For nutrition, start eating more vegetables, and eliminating processed foods. Try yoga or some sort of meditation to help with stress. Make time to take a 30 minute walk every day. Read and research what ingredients are in your beauty care, cleaning, household products and slowly start switching to healthier options.

Tips for Success in Healthy Living

  • It is never too late to change anything in your life. Your life your terms 🙂 . The best way to be successful at making big changes is to start with one thing at a time. You know the whole you gotta walk before you run thing….well that literally applies to everything. Make goals for what you want to accomplish and change! Maybe it is ” I really want to eliminate soda and drink more water”. So if you drink soda every day with every meal, start with cutting one soda out a day. And switch it with a water. Then try that for a week, and every week cut out another soda. Little changes like this help you to be more successful. If you make such drastic changes all at once, it makes things difficult which may lead you to give up. Been there done that with eating healthy, exercise, you name it.

Common Questions/FAQ About Healthy Living

  • Why does eating organic matter?
    • To avoid the pesticides that are in our food. The biggest issue with genetically modified/non organic foods is glyphosate (the main herbicide used in the United States). It is a carcinogen and super toxic to humans, animals and the environment. So when we eat non-organic food we automatically consume what’s been sprayed or altered in the plant.
  • Is it automatically healthy food because it’s organic?
    • Just because you are eating something and it is organic, does NOT mean it is healthy for you. When it comes to processed foods, they are the worst and usually super high in sugar with 0 nutrition.
  • How do I know what ingredients are bad/toxic?
    • Whether it is food/ beauty care/ or cleaning products do your own research. Read on the ingredients listed that you may not know. Yes, I know this may be time consuming. But become aware of what harmful ingredients are going into YOU.
  • Are all forms of exercise healthy?
    • There are different debates on what type of fitness is considered good/healthy. Everything you do/consume should be done in moderation. Everyone is different, so what works for me and my body won’t necessarily work for you. Just continue trying new things to see what works.
  • I don’t have health issues, so why do I need to take on this approach to healthy living?
    • To help you continue feeling amazing. Some people go years eating the same way, not exercising, and using the same products with chemicals and feel fine. There is a chance down the road where it may all of a sudden start having a toll on your health. And you won’t know until then how it will actually affect your health. You may form a skin issue, an allergic reaction to something you were never allergic to before, stomach issues. You never really know.
  • Does stress really have an impact on your health?
    • YES, stress is huge. It is super important to find an outlet to help alleviate stress so it doesn’t consume you. Stress affects everyone’s health differently causing certain health issues that you are already battling to be worse.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Healthy Living

Taking on new life changes can be sometimes difficult and overwhelming. If you start slow, set goals, and know this is to better yourself. You and your health are important it can make it more easier.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” -Jim Rohn

What do you do to live a healthier life and what are the different ways that help you to manage stress?