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4 Life Changing Benefits That Lead Me to Using Non-Toxic DIY Deodorant And Leaving Antiperspirant Behind For Good!

Just like nearly any other young adult, I was once an antiperspirant consumer. Month after month, I’d buy a new tube of it, hoping the next brand or formula was better (and less expensive) than the last one.

Then, I became pregnant. What was once rare, minor irritation became my worst nightmare.

After giving birth, the problems only worsened.

Antiperspirant was already a product I did not want in my life, but like millions of others, I felt as if I had no choice. There are many concerns regarding aluminum in so many different consumer products, but I still continued to purchase antiperspirant in order to prevent odors.

I knew that homemade deodorants existed, and I knew that premade natural deodorants existed; did I trust them to protect me from natural odors? Absolutely not.

Truthfully, I should have done my research sooner.

I should have experimented with Lavender and baking soda deodorants earlier.

I really, really should have tried my hand at the DIY formulas when I learned about the concerns of antiperspirants, rather than sitting there skeptical.

Now, here we are today: I’m telling my story, and you’re reading in complete curiosity- perhaps you’ve already considered this alternative, and you’re just not sure of it yet..

If you gave it just one month (long enough for your body’s natural balance of bacteria to restore itself), you would be floored with the results of baking soda based deodorant.

#1: It’s Non-Toxic, Aluminum-Free, and Made Mostly of Edible Ingredients!

This wasn’t my primary reason for switching; but it was a close second, and is the first reason for many people.

With a toddler in the home, the fewer toxic items I have, the better. It also makes me feel much better that my deodorant is aluminum free. Sure, aluminum is responsible for preventing sweat; but as much work as I do outside, I’m sweating bullets from every other pore. Sweating isn’t an issue. However, sweating feeds bacteria; these microorganisms are the culprits behind odor. The more you sweat, the more you stink. The idea behind antiperspirant deodorant is to keep the area from sweating, while masking any other potential odor with aromatic deodorant. Plugging your pores with aluminum was never an appealing thought for me, so I’m glad that this ingredient no longer comes into contact with my body on a daily basis.

With the deodorant recipe I use, most of the ingredients are edible: arrowroot powder, baking soda, coconut oil…. The essential oil isn’t exactly something you want to leisurely sip on though (nor should you, please don’t drink essential oils); which is why I said “most.” My deodorant is a simple recipe of just 4 base ingredients- it’s easy, it’s clean, and it works. The baking soda prevents and eliminates odor, while certain essential oils actually keep them at bay. The arrowroot powder helps with moisture. You can see the deodorant that I make here:

#2: It’s So Incredibly Cheap!

I was absolutely giddy when I realized how cheap it was to make my own deodorant. I made my first batch months ago, and I am barely halfway through an 8 oz Mason Jar. With my initial costs (Like $13, excluding essential oils since they’re always on hand here and I use a very minuscule amount), I could probably make enough deodorant to last me for 5 years. That’s an insane savings from antiperspirant, which was likely running me over $60 per year.

Now, if you multiply that by an entire family? That’s a massively frugal switch!

#3 Irritation Has Been Significantly Reduced

Before, I just never knew when I would finally have a reaction to a new tube of antiperspirant. Some would work fine for months before turning against me; others would have me begging for mercy within 2 days. No matter what, eventually, they all would cause varying symptoms, potentially including: redness, irritation, burning or stinging, welts, rashes, and more.

I will say that I get irritations from this homemade deodorant as well, but I think 85% of that is user error and is preventable. Now, what do I mean by this? Well, you have to be careful when applying this stuff. You only need very little, but I tend to over apply some days by accident. When you over apply, the baking soda can irritate the skin because it is abrasive. I combat this by trying to apply it a tiny bit at a time (adding more as needed), and by alternating another wonderful baking soda-free deodorant when my skin is healing from irritation. I have a few other natural deodorants that I have for this purpose, and I enjoy using these deodorants on days that I don’t plan to do much work outside of the home. I’d much rather have irritation from abrasion than chemical irritation or chemical burns, which is what I was getting from antiperspirant.

#4 No Stinky Repercussion! None, Nada, Zip!

When I tell you this stuff works, I mean it.

There is absolutely no body odor, and I’ve put homemade deodorant through all kinds of tests this year. So far, I can tell you:

  • It holds up to a blistering, humid, can’t-breathe-to-save-my-life type of heat. I will be pouring sweat, and still won’t stink!
  • It survived extended water exposure at the beach, proving that the waves are no match (as if the constant sweating wasn’t enough of a test).
  • It made it through a day of coop building, right in the middle of this hot summer heat.

On the flip side, it has another wonderful trait: It does wash off well with soap and water. It used to drive me insane trying to get antiperspirant off of my body when I showered; it never seemed to want to come off! That’s not the case with homemade deodorant.

My Final Thoughts

In the end, I’m so happy that I made the switch. I feel less concerned, I feel protected, and I feel like I’ve made a step in the right direction as far as health, self sufficiency, and frugality are concerned. It is one of my favorite “small” victories this year. As the years go by, I will continue to replace more and more of these products in our household. Until then, I’m over the moon with this one switch!

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How To Lose The Baby Weight After Pregnancy

Getting Back To Your Goal Weight

While loving and enjoying your most amazing and precious gift, a question may have popped in your head… Now that I have given birth, how am I going to get rid of the rest of this baby weight? I was at 10 1/2 months postpartum when I officially scaled down to my pre pregnancy weight! Before I get into what I did to help get back to my pre pregnancy weight, let me share with you what kind of shape I was in before I found out I was pregnant.

My Body Before Pregnancy

For me personally, I try not to set “weight goals”. This is because the numbers on the scale constantly fluctuate for a number of different factors… sometimes this can be super frustrating or even discouraging. I like to use how my clothes fit as a gauge to achieve my body shape goals. For instance, I have ALOT of clothes in my closet that are too small for me to fit in…but I keep them as a motivation to help me measure my progress.

So before motherhood began, I was an avid runner…but not to the extent where I could run a marathon. BUT that was my goal that I was working towards. I would run anywhere from 3-5 miles a day about 3-4 days a week. I also did body weight workouts 3-4 days a week, and hike at least once a week. So I feel like I worked out pretty consistent, and I was in pretty good shape. I wasn’t really where I wanted to be size wise, or endurance wise. Naturally, I have a small-ish frame, but as my biggest self critic I was never satisfied with my appearance (being a mom has definitely helped me to appreciate my body).

How My Body Changed During Pregnancy

Once I became pregnant, that first trimester nausea hit me hard. For me it was not “morning sickness” it was “24/7 sickness”. This put a nice big pause on working out. Then by second trimester I felt MUCH better, and started to run again. For doctor appointments, I saw midwives at the clinic, but I also saw a Nurse Practitioner at a private practice who incorporates integrative medicine. During one of my visits at the private practice, she manually checked my Blood Pressure, and it read abnormally low. So I was advised to hold off on running so I don’t continue to stress my adrenals and try something more relaxing such as walking or yoga. So I decided to go for walks.

41 weeks pregnant and I weighed 50 Pounds heavier than before I was pregnant. I was told during pregnancy women gain 25-40 pounds, and I obviously exceeded that. I have always had an appetite, and I eat ALOT, and being pregnant made me even more hungry. So I am sure between lack of exercise and overeating, I just kept on gaining weight.

How I lost The Baby Weight

The day after giving birth, I was instantly down 20 pounds, 8 lbs 13 oz of it being my beautiful baby girl. Now I just needed to lose 30 pounds to get where I was before.

I do admit I still focus fitting back into my smaller clothes, but I have been fixated on losing those numbers on the scale as a peace of mind to help me get back on track to get in shape, and stay healthy.

I know many people start right back into working out as soon as they get the go ahead from their doctors like 6 weeks after giving birth, and I envy them and their willpower/dedication/determination and most important their energy! As a 24/7  cafeteria milk lady, my energy gets sucked out with the milk. Over the last 10 months I have probably done a total of THREE 1 mile jogs, and TWO body weight workouts.

Well… then what did you do to lose the weight you ask?


I probably walk at least 2 miles most likely more…about 5 days a week, and then obviously breastfeed on demand it feels like 30 times a day but its definitely less. It is said that you can burn up to 500 calories a day with breastfeeding!


One year now after giving birth, I am smaller than I was before when I originally got pregnant. I am still nursing, walking, and now I hike 4 times a week. I have lost my 50 lb pregnancy weight, and an additional 3 lbs. While I know 3 lbs may not be a lot, my clothes fitting me different is what matters for me! I am able to fit into small pants sizes that I haven’t worn in YEARS.

Challenges On Losing Weight

For the Mamas who were not able to breastfeed , I totally get it sometimes things happen in life for whatever reason where we have no choice because:

  • not enough milk is being produced
  • going back to work
  • constant infections
  • or whatever else may inhibit you to breastfeed, you can still get to your pre pregnancy weight too! 
  • Consuming enough water is VERY important and plays a key role. My goal is to drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces a day.

My biggest challenge at the moment is fine tuning my diet. I know once I start being more regimen on my food intake (and incorporate more exercise) I will progress even more! I don’t like to say I am dieting or going on a diet, I believe eating healthy is a lifestyle change! I never consider myself as an unhealthy eater. Do I consume junk food? YES, every once in a while. AND so I don’t feel 100% guilty I eat organic/NON GMO junk food, so therefore it is still bad for me but it doesn’t have pesticides in it so consciously I feel better. I really do try to limit the junk food because it isn’t fair for my baby who I am nursing to get this through my breast milk, and it is something I want to strive to perfect.

Tips On Losing The Baby Weight

Eating a healthy nutritious diet is by far the biggest tip. Eliminate processed and sugary foods. Now is the time to start implementing meal prepping!

My food plan of choice is paleo. I have always followed this in the past and it has worked for me, and I will continue to eat this way (although I am not a strict follower). I know a lot of other people follow keto, and these moms have gotten a lot of success from following keto! I believe you should follow whatever works best for you and your body/lifestyle.

There is not one perfect solution that fits everyone. But what will work for everyone is:

  • Drinking more water
  • Limiting Sugar (especially refined sugar)
  • Watching your carbohydrate intake (breads/pastas/flours/etc.)
  • Exercise! (walking, jogging, hiking, at home workouts, swimming, go to the gym)
  • Eliminate Stressors (face it, being a mom usually means your house is going to be a bit messy – just don’t stress about it!)
  • Most important, be kind and loving to yourself!

What Are Your Weight loss Success Tips?

What have you done to help you lose the baby weight, and how long did it take?


Life As A New Mama

I can’t believe in two days it will officially be exactly 10 months my little Carmie came into this world! It has been so amazing watching her grow and learn so many new things! Her newest and greatest adventure is climbing, standing, and chewing on everything. She definitely keeps me on my toes, but I never would have thought that experiencing all of this could be so exciting. Anytime Carmie does something new I get so overwhelmed with excitement…I am definitely that parent.

Then again it is also terrifying as well. I am always wondering if I am teaching her enough, or am I socializing enough, and OMG the germs!!!! I would have never ever consider myself a germ-o-phobe but when I delivered Carmie this new condition came as well. Babies explore things by placing literally everything into their mouth, while I am all for her exploring and learning and doing her thing, I am sorry I just can’t let her put every single thing in her mouth. Everytime we go to the grocery store she really wants to explore the grocery cart with her mouth. And yes, I have the shopping cart cover (which is a bigger struggle at Costco, since it never seems to fit their cars properly) but she always manages to reach out to the part that isn’t covered and I just cringe imagining all this bacteria now on her hands. Anytime she drops a toy on the ground (that isn’t her designated play area) I don’t give it back to her unless it is washed/cleaned/sanitized, whatever needs to be done! Thankfully there is safe non toxic hand sanitizers to help calm down the drama queen in me, which have probably at least 100 bottles spread throughout everywhere in the house, every car, and every single bag I own.

I am sure it doesn’t help poor little Carmie that all these little teeth keep popping up. She has 6 with two more top teeth breaking through making a mouth of 8! Do all 10 month babies have 8 teeth???? I feel like she got them all so fast, which is why she just wants to gnaw on everything and everyone. If you’re breastfeeding this is definitely not a good time. But of course she finds it to be hilarious.

Good news is the sleep patterns are amazing now! I mean she does wake up to eat maybe 1-2 times at night but she falls right back to sleep, so she gets anywhere from 10-12 hours of sleep with 1-2 naps during the day. She will definitely let you know when she is tired, she gets veeerrry fussy. Carmie is such a silly and overall happy baby, she makes me so happy.

She has learned so many things up to now:

-babbles A LOT

-gives kisses and high fives

-can pull herself up to stand

-can walk with assistance

-surfs the furniture

-self feeds

-crawls on everything and everyone

-ultimate busy body

More recently we experienced another new (not so fun) journey. Constipation. Poor Carmie was backed up for 8 days. Yes, that’s right, EIGHT DAYS!! And trust me Papa Bear and myself were freaking out by the second day. Everything I read online and in books kept saying this is normal for breastfed babies. The problem was she isn’t just breastfed! She is 95% breastfed and then the other 5% of her diet is solids. My biggest fear was she would become impacted. Fortunately enough she wasn’t in any pain and her Doctor couldn’t feel or hear anything to cause concern when examining her tummy, and we figured out naturally how to help her go! I will have another post that gives all the details on this 8 day expereince.

While Carmie is constantly learning and changing rapidly, so am I! She has not only taught me about the important things in life, but to prioritize and organize, which will be one of my newest and on going journeys to not only help my family, but to give me more tools to teach her as she grows.


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