I am still in shock that my little girl is now a year old! Where did the time go?! It has been THE MOST amazing year watching her grow, learn and explore. She is so active and curious anything you have she wants and anything you do she will try and copy.

She can say Dada, Mama, and Dog. She plays peek-a-boo, shakes her head “no” claps her hands, dances to certain songs she likes and understands directions such as “go get the ball” or “throw the ball”. She is not quite walking on her own,  but is on the way! She walks the whole house with her push walker and cruises along all of the furniture. Her favorite thing is to listen to you make different animal sounds, and she can imitate the sound of a cow, lamb, and  I swear I heard her quack like a duck. I feel so proud every time she learns something new people think I am so weird. As new moms a lot of us are always wondering if our child is ahead or on track to what other children their age are doing, but it is important to remember every baby and child develop at their own pace when they are ready, of course there are things we can do as parents to help them learn, but not to get frustrated or put pressure on them. If there are things that our child may be extremely behind in or you may have a gut feeling about their developments always check with their pediatrician about your concerns.

Our current struggle is teething. Poor baby has 10 teeth and another molar that is going to pop through any day. When you are dealing with new teeth coming through, there are a list of other things that come along with it such as, biting, putting everything in their mouth, drool rashes, constipation, fussiness, restless nights, elevated body temp…just to name a few that we personally have gone through. As much as it is hard on us moms and dads especially to see our little babies suffer one of the main things that really seems to help them through it  is lots of love, cuddles and comfort (along with a list of others).

While she is in the stages of learning and exploring I personally feel that bringing my baby to new places is such a good way to help her explore. So far we have taken her to the beach where she LOVED exploring the sand and the different rocks within it, but definitely was not a fan of the cold ocean on her feet. She went to the zoo where she absolutely loved seeing all of the different animals as well as all of the different children there visiting too. We even decided to take her to an air show thinking we may have to cut it short because it may scare her, but to our surprise she really enjoyed it just being outside and people watching. Since it was also her 1st birthday, I know she got more than her feel for grocery stores, and is beyond over them. Having her 1st birthday was a whole new intimidating experience on it’s own.

This has been overall such an amazing, exciting and overall one of my personal best years just being a mom it’s such a gift!

What new and different things is your child learning and exploring?