It’s official, my happy baby girl is growing up TOO FAST. I feel like she’s a little toddler now rather than a baby. She is crawling EVERYWHERE, she stands and cruises EVERYTHING, and babbles nonstop just like her mama. She really is such a silly sweet girl though and I adore the crap out of her. Her newest and greatest little thing she does is wave bye-bye to everyone and everything even if they aren’t leaving. She loves to bounce to music, which by the way she LOVES to listen to music, “You make it easy” by Jason Aldean, and “Apples and Bananas” by Raffi are her favorite tunes. She literally listens to them on repeat for hours. She has 8 adorable little teeth, and more on the way which tend to be quite uncomfortable for her at times. I know many babies around this age have a favorite toy or blanket that are comforting for them, but she doesn’t seem to have any favorite items yet.

She absolutely loves to go to the park and go on the swing, she just cracks up and can just be in there all day. Once it starts to warm up I am really looking forward to taking her swimming.

Some of her other favorites:

-dogs (she thinks they are hilarious)

-breast milk, cassava flour waffles, seaweed, bison anything

-making funny faces in the mirror

-bouncing on Papa Bear’s lap

-chewing on EVERYTHING

-giving high fives

-screaming at high pitch, blowing raspberries

-says da-da, dog, ba-ba

-having her hands held and assisting her to walk

She is not a fan of, anyone taking her toys, you eating in front of her without sharing, not being able to crawl around, being tired, and being in her carseat for too long.

Besides her teething, the only other run in we had was she woke up early one morning and crawled off the bed on the opposite side of me while I was sleeping. I was so thankful she didn’t hit her head and cried for less than 30 secs, but I felt HORRIBLE. Her doctor said as a rule of thumb if she cries longer than 5 minutes to look for any marks, so luckily (knock on wood) this hasn’t been the case, but I still look for marks regardless the time of the cry. The more babies become mobile by crawling, surfing furniture, and walking, they tend to get a bit more bumps and bruises. We like to be her gymnast squatter and always stay near her just in case she were to fall because we are soooo fearful for her to hit her head. After she crawled out of our bed we immediately got a bed rail, and it has really helped not only give us a peace of mind but create a taller barrier for her.

I have been planning her 1st birthday party for the last 5 months. I like to be ahead of the game and start things super early so I am not stressing and taking time away from Carmie working on it. I still can’t believe in one month she will be a year old. It has been such an amazing year watching her grow and learn so much!

What do you notice your 11 month old baby doing and learning?