4 Life Changing Benefits That Lead Me to Using Non-Toxic DIY Deodorant And Leaving Antiperspirant Behind For Good!

Just like nearly any other young adult, I was once an antiperspirant consumer. Month after month, I’d buy a new tube of it, hoping the next brand or formula was better (and less expensive) than the last one.

Then, I became pregnant. What was once rare, minor irritation became my worst nightmare.

After giving birth, the problems only worsened.

Antiperspirant was already a product I did not want in my life, but like millions of others, I felt as if I had no choice. There are many concerns regarding aluminum in so many different consumer products, but I still continued to purchase antiperspirant in order to prevent odors.

I knew that homemade deodorants existed, and I knew that premade natural deodorants existed; did I trust them to protect me from natural odors? Absolutely not.

Truthfully, I should have done my research sooner.

I should have experimented with Lavender and baking soda deodorants earlier.

I really, really should have tried my hand at the DIY formulas when I learned about the concerns of antiperspirants, rather than sitting there skeptical.

Now, here we are today: I’m telling my story, and you’re reading in complete curiosity- perhaps you’ve already considered this alternative, and you’re just not sure of it yet..

If you gave it just one month (long enough for your body’s natural balance of bacteria to restore itself), you would be floored with the results of baking soda based deodorant.

#1: It’s Non-Toxic, Aluminum-Free, and Made Mostly of Edible Ingredients!

This wasn’t my primary reason for switching; but it was a close second, and is the first reason for many people.

With a toddler in the home, the fewer toxic items I have, the better. It also makes me feel much better that my deodorant is aluminum free. Sure, aluminum is responsible for preventing sweat; but as much work as I do outside, I’m sweating bullets from every other pore. Sweating isn’t an issue. However, sweating feeds bacteria; these microorganisms are the culprits behind odor. The more you sweat, the more you stink. The idea behind antiperspirant deodorant is to keep the area from sweating, while masking any other potential odor with aromatic deodorant. Plugging your pores with aluminum was never an appealing thought for me, so I’m glad that this ingredient no longer comes into contact with my body on a daily basis.

With the deodorant recipe I use, most of the ingredients are edible: arrowroot powder, baking soda, coconut oil…. The essential oil isn’t exactly something you want to leisurely sip on though (nor should you, please don’t drink essential oils); which is why I said “most.” My deodorant is a simple recipe of just 4 base ingredients- it’s easy, it’s clean, and it works. The baking soda prevents and eliminates odor, while certain essential oils actually keep them at bay. The arrowroot powder helps with moisture. You can see the deodorant that I make here:

#2: It’s So Incredibly Cheap!

I was absolutely giddy when I realized how cheap it was to make my own deodorant. I made my first batch months ago, and I am barely halfway through an 8 oz Mason Jar. With my initial costs (Like $13, excluding essential oils since they’re always on hand here and I use a very minuscule amount), I could probably make enough deodorant to last me for 5 years. That’s an insane savings from antiperspirant, which was likely running me over $60 per year.

Now, if you multiply that by an entire family? That’s a massively frugal switch!

#3 Irritation Has Been Significantly Reduced

Before, I just never knew when I would finally have a reaction to a new tube of antiperspirant. Some would work fine for months before turning against me; others would have me begging for mercy within 2 days. No matter what, eventually, they all would cause varying symptoms, potentially including: redness, irritation, burning or stinging, welts, rashes, and more.

I will say that I get irritations from this homemade deodorant as well, but I think 85% of that is user error and is preventable. Now, what do I mean by this? Well, you have to be careful when applying this stuff. You only need very little, but I tend to over apply some days by accident. When you over apply, the baking soda can irritate the skin because it is abrasive. I combat this by trying to apply it a tiny bit at a time (adding more as needed), and by alternating another wonderful baking soda-free deodorant when my skin is healing from irritation. I have a few other natural deodorants that I have for this purpose, and I enjoy using these deodorants on days that I don’t plan to do much work outside of the home. I’d much rather have irritation from abrasion than chemical irritation or chemical burns, which is what I was getting from antiperspirant.

#4 No Stinky Repercussion! None, Nada, Zip!

When I tell you this stuff works, I mean it.

There is absolutely no body odor, and I’ve put homemade deodorant through all kinds of tests this year. So far, I can tell you:

  • It holds up to a blistering, humid, can’t-breathe-to-save-my-life type of heat. I will be pouring sweat, and still won’t stink!
  • It survived extended water exposure at the beach, proving that the waves are no match (as if the constant sweating wasn’t enough of a test).
  • It made it through a day of coop building, right in the middle of this hot summer heat.

On the flip side, it has another wonderful trait: It does wash off well with soap and water. It used to drive me insane trying to get antiperspirant off of my body when I showered; it never seemed to want to come off! That’s not the case with homemade deodorant.

My Final Thoughts

In the end, I’m so happy that I made the switch. I feel less concerned, I feel protected, and I feel like I’ve made a step in the right direction as far as health, self sufficiency, and frugality are concerned. It is one of my favorite “small” victories this year. As the years go by, I will continue to replace more and more of these products in our household. Until then, I’m over the moon with this one switch!

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18 Tips To Plan A 1st Birthday Party On A Budget

18 Best Tips To Plan A 1st Birthday Party On A Budget

  • If you are someone who loves to celebrate birthday’s, then you know having a child’s FIRST birthday party is a big deal.
  • Throwing someone a birthday party is a way of showing that individual they are loved, appreciated and celebrated for being them! Yes, I know a one year old won’t remember their birthday, but they will have amazing pictures of it! 🙂 Your family and friends will also really love to celebrate your little one as well! I started brainstorming and planning my daughter’s 1st birthday when she was about 5 months old. I know I know it’s ridiculous…but hear me out! The reasons I started so early were because, I already struggled keeping up on the house and other day to day obligations and for me personally making plans in advance helps me to succeed to get those things done.

What Makes A Birthday Party So Expensive?

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  • Any celebration in life can end up costing A LOT of money. It is important you are aware of this so you know how to plan properly.
  • You don’t need thousands of dollars to throw your child their first birthday party, but if you plan on a budget of how much you want to spend, it makes things less complicated in the long run. Everything about a party costs money…
    • Sending out invitations
    • Food
    • Decorations
    • Renting a place out
    • Renting tables and chairs
    • Plates/cups/napkins/utensils
    • Goodybags

Why Is A 1st Birthday So Important?

  • To me, every birthday for my child will be important. Her 1st year meant so much to me, as well as other family members and friends. We are able to celebrate her life, health, and create amazing memories we can look back on. Even though Carmie may not remember her first birthday, when she gets older she will see all of the pictures taken, and the people who were there to celebrate her. I personally love being able to look back at my childhood birthday pictures and see all the happiness and love in everyone’s faces.
  • It is okay to celebrate in different ways as well! You could simply just have a cake with close family, or take your child on an outing they may enjoy. There is no right or wrong way on celebrating your child’s 1st birthday!

18 Best Tips To Plan A 1st Birthday Party On A Budget

Tip 1: Plan According To The Time Of Year

  • Depending on where you live, and what month you are having the party, plan around the weather. My daughter’s birthday is in May, and we live in California so it’s a 50/50 chance if it will be sunny or rainy! Figuring out if you are having an indoor or outdoor party can help determine where to host it at.

Tip 2: Plan And Save Ahead

  • The best thing about a birthday, it comes the same time every year! So you can give yourself as much time as you want to start planning and saving for your child’s birthday! Another reason I started when Carmie was 5 months old was to start saving every month and buying things in advance so it wouldn’t be a huge financial hit all at once.

Tip 3: Set A Budget

  • Whether you are planning and funding the party on your own, or with your significant other, it is always a good idea to have a budget. This ultimately makes the event less stressful. Budget out how much you want to spend on food for guests, decorations, cake, etc.

Tip 4: Invite List

  • Important tip! Depending on how many people you invite, is a huge factor in the cost of the party! The more people, the more food you will need to supply, goody bags to make/purchase, invitations to send out, etc. I made the mistake of over inviting…which caused me to over buy! I then had 15 people who RSVP not show up. Then I had A LOT of left over food/drinks/desserts/goody bags. If I could have a redo, I would only invite close family and friends that I have a close connection with. This financially would have suited us better.

Tip 5: Invitations

  • Another thing I would redo. I went the old fashion way /polite/professional…whatever you want to call it. I sent invitations through the mail. At a whopping 55 cents a stamp, I paid $22 alone to send out invitations!! Instead of purchasing invitations somewhere, I paid $11 through Etsy to have one personally made with our theme on it. (It was super cute by the way) Then they were printed off at home on card stock. So not including paper and ink, that’s already $33 just on invitations. While some may disagree, I think to cut back costs a simple call/text/email or online invitation would be a great way to send out an invitation.

Tip 6: Birthday Party Theme

  • When choosing a theme, I decided to choose a cute girly theme that was simple, I could DIY alot of the decor, and that I wouldn’t have to worry about her choosing in the future (princess/unicorn/character from a show/etc.). I really enjoy doing birthday parties, and I want each of her future birthday’s to be different and to her liking! So with this being said, I chose a watermelon theme. I remember seeing it on Pinterest “ONE in a melon” and I just loved it ! The colors were pink/green and a hint of black and so easy to incorporate in everything!

Tip 7: Where To Host

  • Planning where to host the birthday party is huge. Think about if you want to pay for this or not. I was going between hosting the party at our house, or at a nice local park. Not knowing in advance if it would rain or not, I decided to go with our house! Where we currently live (in a rental home) we are limited in space. I wanted to set up areas where everyone wasn’t crammed in one place. So I spread it out to have seating/gift opening in the garage, food in the kitchen, drinks and the babies high chair set up in the small dining area, dessert table in the living room, and children activities in the backyard. Needless to say our space was still too small and we had approx 30 people. If you want to host at your place keep in mind the cleaning you will be doing beforehand and afterwards. The best part is you could set up the decorations a few days in advance, that’s what I did. 🙂 But if you decide to host elsewhere you will be on a certain time frame, which makes the decorating portion somewhat stressful. Ideas for places to host a birthday:
    • Your home/backyard
    • A family member’s home/backyard
    • A nice safe and family friendly park
    • A local community center
    • Children’s Play center
    • Restaurant

Tip 8: Choosing A Time Frame

  • Choosing a block of time for your child’s first birthday is important for a number of reasons.
    1. Plan around their nap time
    2. Set an end time so people know when to leave. YOU WILL BE EXHAUSTED.
    3. Helps you to stay on track and get things moving with the party.
    4. It will exhaust your little one, since having a lot of people around can be overwhelming.
    5. You will still have to clean up

Tip 9: DIY Decorations

  • Purchasing decorations adds up quickly and tends to be very pricey. Start pinterest-ing ideas on how to make your own decorations!
  • For Carmie’s birthday, I made a lot of things myself:
    • The welcome sign
    • Front Door Mat
    • Utensil Holder
    • “Happy Birthday” banner
    • Goody Bags
    • Ceiling and wall decorations
    • 12 month banner
    • Bowling Pins
    • High chair Banner
    • Carmie’s Outfit
    • Balloon Arch
  • Think about certain decorations you really want to have, and find affordable ways you can make them yourself! Picture collages are GREAT decorations! You can also do so many different decorations with balloons as well! Most important tip, is to just utilize things you already have.

Tip 10: Organize And Map Out The Party

  • This is going to probably sound silly, but I promise you it helps! Since I knew I was having the party at the house, I drew out my set up! This helped me from over buying/making on decorations. I drew out how I wanted the dessert table, the food table, her high chair/cake smashing area. I admit I go a little overboard and tend to be a perfectionist…but hey we all have our quirks. When I have a plan like this, there’s no confusion and I am able to execute it in a timely manner!

Tip 11: Activities

  • You may have a lot of young kids coming to your child’s first birthday, and it’s a good idea to look into planning different activities to entertain them as well. Outside where I had all the kid’s activities, I utilized what we had. I had the baby pool set up, a water table, a ball pit, and I made bowling pins for the kids and adults to use.

Tip 12: Food Planning

  • This took me a while to figure out. At the time, it was a few months my child had been introduced to solids, but she was still mainly dependent on breast milk. So I knew I wanted to have healthy sides for her to eat. A majority of people I know don’t eat like we do, so I wanted to provide food that the people who were attending would eat as well. I looked into catering from different local places, but it was just TOO expensive. I didn’t budget hundreds of dollars for food. Definitely was not going to do any cooking, because I knew I would fall behind. So that’s when I decided to have a sandwich bar!! Best decision I could have made. I had different breads, meats, vegetables, condiments, and sides. It was easy! I get it, sandwiches can be boring, here are other options as well:
    • hot dog/ hamburger bar
    • taco/nacho/burrito bar
    • appetizer foods
    • pizza
    • catering
    • potluck

Tip 13: Cake / Other Desserts

  • I knew I wanted to have a personalized smash cake for my daughter and cupcakes for everyone else. I didn’t want to take the time to slice up a cake and serve everyone. Just not my thing. I also decided to do a dessert bar just because. I always liked the way they looked, and I wanted to try doing one. The one thing I would have changed, was buying candy to put out. I had WAY too much left. Just an unnecessary expense. It helps to think about these things to know where to budget. The nice thing about desserts, you can always make them yourself a few days in advance!

Tip 14: Simple Decorations

  • I like to have each area decorated. Where people were sitting down to eat, I really wanted to have a cute centerpiece. So I painted some cheap frames in her theme colors, and put her picture in it. I also purchased some pretty, cheap flowers from Trader Joes that I stuck in a mason jar, and then used a nonflammable tealight decor I filled with sprinkles with her theme’s colors. TAH-DAH a cute, easy, cheap centerpiece.

Tip 15: Goody Bags / Favors

  • Personally, I don’t believe that this is something that you HAVE to do, but it is a nice way of saying thank you. To save money with sending “Thank You” cards, I gave out homemade goody bags instead. There are so many different ways to make a favor to give someone as a thank you gift, be creative! I folded and painted paper plates to look like watermelon slices, and filled them with a pair of plastic sunglasses (they were really nice actually), assorted candy, a homemade lip balm I made, and a watermelon sticker.

Tip 16: Make Signs

  • This is an important tip that I totally missed when planning the party. It’s always helpful to have things be convenient and easy for your guests. With the sandwich bar, I should have made a sign so everyone knew they could serve themselves and make their own sandwich. I also should have made a sign leading to seating in the garage, and a sign to the activities in the backyard. Sure people figured it out eventually, but it would have felt more organized if I had easy to read signs in each area.

Tip 17: Accept Help

  • I am so appreciative for the help I received on the day of the party! If people really want to help then let them. I have such a hard time asking for help from others. Even when people offer I more than likely say “I really appreciate it, but I think I have got it”. But if it wasn’t for my Aunt, and one of my close friends…I would have been a mess. It isn’t easy planning a party while taking care of a little one at the same time. Whether you have someone who can come watch your child, or simply help you decorate and set up it helps A LOT. Other ways people can help:
    • Being the designated photographer (so grateful I had my sister in law to help with this!)
    • Making the food (my Aunt and Mom really helped me with this)
    • Lending Items you may need (between my Mom, Mother In Law, Aunt and friend they let me borrow decorations, tables and extra chairs)

Tip 18: Have Fun

  • This day is about your baby turning 1! Everything else is just extra! Enjoy this day, appreciate those who came to celebrate and remember what a blessing that your little one year old is!

The Last Thing You Need to Know About Planning A 1st Birthday Party On A Budget

There is no rule-book on how to throw a birthday party for your 1 year old. Do what works best for your family, finances, and lifestyle. Even if you may not be able to throw a party for your baby, it’s OKAY. There will be plenty of other birthdays in the future that you can celebrate. 🙂

How Did You Celebrate Your Child’s 1st Birthday?

How did you spend the day for your little one’s big day? I would love to hear about your experience!


18 Natural Ways To Relieve Baby Constipation

  • “This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link.”

Baby Constipation

  • It is so stressful not only for the baby/child to experience constipation, but also for the witnessing parent. To know your child hasn’t had a bowel movement in a few days really brings your brain to worst case scenario…like…OMG MY CHILD COULD BE IMPACTED.
  • My baby was 9 months old when she experienced her first episode of constipation. This was by far the worst too. It took her 8 days to finally have a bowel movement, and that was the longest, hardest, most stressful 8 days for us as parents. But it had taught us sooo much, just like every experience right? I couldn’t understand what could be causing her to be backed up. She was still breastfed. We did start introducing solids slowly around 7 months, but they were only healthy vegetables and fruits. So our guess was maybe it was a combination of her teething, and some of the fruits/vegetables were contributing. Below you can see 18 ways to relieve your babies constipation naturally.

How Do I Know If My Baby is Constipated?

Your child skipping a day of not having a bowel movement, only passing small pebble like poop, constant straining, and pain while straining are all signs of constipation.

What is The Cause of Constipation in Babies?

  • There are so many different contributors to constipation. Especially for babies/toddlers. Introducing foods is one of the biggest offenders. Maybe even a new formula you have switched to?
  • When situations like this happen, over the counter medication doesn’t have to be your first option. While constipation in a baby isn’t normal, it is common. Normal meaning this isn’t supposed to happen. But I am sure almost every child has probably experienced constipation at some point in their life. Just having the list of tools to solve the problems just makes it easier!

Why Does Constipation Happen?

  • Babies/toddlers/children/adults…Everyone…should have a bowel movement every day. What goes in must come out. A healthy system should be eliminating at least 3 times per day if you are eating 3+ meals per day. But a majority of people do not because of eating habits, lack of water, medications, and illness to name a few.
  • Every baby is different in how things may affect them. Constipation in my child may be different for yours. When my baby went through this at 9 months, besides her not going…she didn’t have any other signs. She never showed any discomfort or that she was in pain. It wasn’t until I tried allllll these different remedies on her that I realized she was trying to hold it in! She purposely was trying not go I think because it caused more discomfort to go. When you switch from breastfeeding exclusively to introducing solids, it changes the consistency of the poop. So I can understand this new feeling for her wasn’t very pleasant.

18 Ways To Relieve Baby Constipation Naturally

1. Check with your pediatrician

First and foremost, check with your child’s doctor to rule out any other serious issues, and to confirm they are not compacted. We emailed back and forth with our baby’s doctor trying different things until day 7 we brought her in. She felt her stomach to make sure she couldn’t feel any masses which leads to different protocols.

  2. Fluids

A huge factor to help keep things moving is water. Make sure your child is getting enough water. (Unless of course your baby is still to young to drink water).

3. Breastfeed

To follow up on the fluid point…if your baby is eating solids, and nursing, make sure you keep breastfeeding a lot! Breastmilk is considered a natural laxative for babies, and it really helps to keep them regular.

4. Exercise

Keep them moving! This really helps to get the bowels going. Whether its crawling, cruising, walking, or jumping. Encourage it! Putting our baby in her jumper really helped things to move. I think because it naturally had her sitting in a some what of a squat position.

5. Bicycle Legs

Along the lines of exercise! This is ideal for infants that may need your help. This also can help alleviate a gassy tummy. Also for the older babies/toddlers, still a great method to try to help them poop! You just need them lying on a soft surface, where you are in front of them holding each foot/ankle, and gently rotate their legs in a bicycle motion.

6. Tummy Massage

Another great tip! Massage your baby/child’s tummy in an “I Love U technique”. This helps move things from the ascending colon to the descending colon. So you start on your babies right side with 2-3 fingers draw the letter “I”. Then right next to the “I” slightly above, draw a sideways “L”, and then an upside down “U”. Below you can see a picture of what it would look like. It is best to repeat this a few times in a row every day.

You can read more detail about this method on the GAPS site.

7. Essential Oils

There are some really amazing essential oils you can mix with carrier oils that are a great aid in helping massage the tummy to help with constipation/tummy aches/gas. For example, Lavender and Roman Chamomile are great oils to mix and rub on the belly due to their soothing properties. Carrier oils you may have on hand that work great are coconut oil or olive oil. It is important to use these carrier oils with essential oils because high quality oils are strong and can irritate the skin. Using high quality essential oils is also important. Many oils you may find in stores have added fragrance, or other chemicals mixed in with them.

8. Epsom Salt Baths

Soaking in an Epsom salt bath will help your baby absorb the magnesium through their skin which helps with constipation. Try adding 1/4 cup Epsom salt to a tub of warm water. If you put your baby in a smaller infant tub, use 2 Tablespoons.

9. “P” Fruits

Meaning…fruits with the letter “P” in it! Pears, Plums, Peaches, Apricots. This is one of the recommendations from my child’s pediatrician.

10. Dried Fruits

These were definitely one of the top remedies that worked for us. Prunes, and apricots were our go to.

11. Flax Oil

I will forever keep this in stock. Worked like a charm. You want to get good quality cold pressed flax oil (usually in the refrigerated section in natural health stores). We blend it into her Popsicle or homemade applesauce.

12. Prune/Raisin Water

Everywhere online recommends raisin water back when I had been searching for remedies, but prune water works just as well! Use a few prunes/raisins and soak in some water. Then remove the dried fruit from the water and let them drink the water. This is a good option if you may have a hard time getting your little one to eat the fruits.

13. Poop Puree

I make carm a puree that really helped her go. In a pot I added 1 Tbs of water, 1/2 a pear and 2 prunes. I boiled and mixed it until it was soft to mash. Once cooled I added 1 teaspoon of the cold pressed flax oil. She loved it.

14. Poopsicle

It also helps solve two problems if you give them a Poopsicle! It helps them poop, and also helps soothe any teething pain. Just use the above poop puree and pour into popsicle molds to freeze. Another great thing to have on hand all the time.

15. High Quality Foods With Fiber

Avocados, beets, cashews, oats, coconut, flax, pumpkin seeds, and kiwis to name a few. Don’t over due it, but try introducing slowly to see if any do the trick.

16. Avoid Foods That May Cause Constipation

Honestly this should probably be at the top of the list. But when a baby/child is constantly experiencing constipation it’s a good idea to avoid these certain foods until you get them going on a regular basis. Foods that can contribute to constipation are, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, bananas, squash, processed sugars, breads, pastas, processed foods, and all dairy. You can slowly add these foods back in and it can help catch the culprit of what may have caused the constipation.

17. Pressure Points

There are pressure points all over our body, and if you are into reflexology you may have an idea where certain pressure points are for your intestines and stomach to help with constipation. Here you will find the pressure points to help with constipation.

18. Squat Position

You will probably have to help your child with this one. This helps the child who hold in their bowels to release them. If you sit on a chair/couch and hold your child in front of you into a position of squatting, this allows them to release their bowel movement. Although they may find this really uncomfortable because they no longer have the choice to not go, but they will feel better once they do!

18. Coconut Oil/Aloe Vera Suppository

Lastly, if all else fails, you can make your own suppository. I searched over the counter child suppositories but I just couldn’t find any that I felt all the ingredients were safe. You will need to get the suppository molds, and then you make a mix of coconut oil with a little aloe vera (high quality of course) and place them in the freezer. Once frozen, they are ready to go. Try using one every few hours. Aloe Vera is also a natural laxative.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Baby Constipation

While every child is different, not all of these natural remedies may work, so it’s best to try a handful of them until you are able to get your child to go. Now when my child is experiencing any constipation I have a list of remedies I can try that I know have worked in the past. I always feel really good being able to help relieve my child naturally before having to resort to any type of medication. But sometimes things don’t always work out and you have to do what’s best for you and your little one.

Have you experienced constipation issues with your little one? What natural things did you try?


The Beginners Guide to Meal Prepping

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The Beginners Guide to Meal Prepping

  • Are you too exhausted or way to busy to cook EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.? Are you a beginner at meal prepping? Trust me I get it… I didn’t have time before having a baby, and now I definitely don’t have time or energy.
  • My journey with meal prepping started 7 years ago. I could’t afford to go grab lunch at work every day, plus I really wanted to try and eat healthy. Working 2 jobs with a commute and going to school… meal prep was my only option. Over the years I have come to perfect what works for me, and I spend less on eating out and I feel way better eating my own meals. Plus 9 times out of 10 my cooking tastes better. 😉

What is Meal Prepping?

  • Meal Prepping is taking the time every week to prepare so many different meals in batches so you don’t have to cook everyday.
  • Meal prepping is for everyone. No matter what your lifestyle may be, there is always a time in life where you may not be able to, or want to cook. This helps alleviate the problem of going out and spending money on food that is fast, convenient and overall unhealthy.

How to get started with Meal Prepping

Most important thing you need are storage containers. When I first started meal prepping (before I really got into health), I used plastic. Glass containers, and stainless steel containers are so much healthier for you, and these are what I have been using for the past 4-5 years.

Also, when first starting with meal prepping, I always recommend starting with simple meals. Pinterest is an AMAZING place to search for sooo many different recipes.

Meal Breakdown

You can meal prep your breakfast, lunches, dinners and snacks. Everyone has different meal plans they follow, so you can totally customize it to your needs! But here is an idea of how I break down my meals:

  • Protein (egg, meat, fish, nuts & seeds, beans)
  • Vegetables (leafy greens, cruciferous, nightshades)
  • Carbs (sweet potato, quinoa, rice, beans)
  • Healthy Fat (avocado, hemp, flax, olive oil)

Tips for Success in Meal Prepping

Best way to succeed with this is, keeping things simple at first. Maybe start prepping at least one meal a day. Start with foods you enjoy. If you start making different things you have never tasted you may not like it or want to eat it.

MAKE LISTS! Trust me you won’t be able to remember it all. Make lists of what meals you are going to make and what you need to make it. Then most important, a grocery list!

If you aren’t a big veggie eater… try adding a fresh pressed juice with your meal.

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Items to Always Have Stocked

Everyone has their go to seasonings and condiments that keep on hand. As you first start, you may not have many…but it is always a good idea to start creating your little flavor box to help you with making your tasty meals.

My go to seasonings..

  • salt and pepper
  • garlic powder
  • onion powder
  • cumin
  • paprika
  • taco seasoning
  • italian seasoning
  • variety fresh herbs (rosemary, basil, parsley, cilantro, chives)
  • coconut aminos
  • olive oil/avocado oil/coconut oil
  • braggs apple cider vinegar

…just to name a few

Common Questions/FAQ About Meal Prepping

  • How long does the food last in the fridge?
    • Depending on what the meal is, it can usually last about 4-5 days in an airtight container in the fridge! If it is a salad, there are different ways to make a salad in a mason jar to last longer. You can also freeze your meals to last longer and enjoy at a later time.
  • Can I reheat my meals in the microwave?
    • Sometimes you have no choice. Many work places only have microwaves, so yes you gotta do what ya gotta do! But stove/oven is always the best to reheat food.
  • How do you find the time to meal prep?
    • I literally have to schedule it in my week, then it helps me be more committed. Choose a day with a block of time to focus on getting what you need and start cooking. I personally use the weekends. Sunday we shop and usually cook or I will do it Monday.
  • What if I can’t cook?
    • It may take some practice, but finding easy recipes with minimal ingredients can really help you be successful. Something that will help you is a thermometer to always check when your meat is at the correct temp.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Meal Prepping

Meal Prepping is so convenient and a much healthier way of eating rather than always going out. Once you make it a weekly routine, I promise it get’s easier as time goes. There are so many benefits like saving money on eating out, eating healthier, learning how to make different meals and pairing food. And if you’re a busy mama then meal prepping is a great way to get your little ones involved! They love to help.

What helpful tips do you have that make you successful at meal prepping? And what is your best meal that you prep?


The 17 Best Skin Tips For Busy Moms

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17 Best Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin

  • Your skin is your largest organ. It also is the first thing people usually see, including yourself when you look in the mirror. It is important to take care and love your skin! There are so many different tips to take care of your skin. I have compiled a list of my best personal favorite skin tips that have worked for me along the years. Also, I will list skin tips that have worked for other people as well!
  • Growing up I suffered from acne as a teen. I ate like crap and lived off sugar, and it definitely showed in my face. Then as I got older, the acne went away, but new skin conditions showed up. I would get the oh so lovely blackheads. I started getting eczema on my arms, and small bumps. You may have heard of it…Keratosis Pilaris. UGH. Also, I would occasionally have super patchy dry skin on my knuckles, elbows, and feet. During pregnancy I got suuuuper itchy stretch marks on my belly. But along the way of all of these little skin issues, I continue to learn and pay attention to my skin and what I am doing to cause these issues. Overall I have learned to love and care for my skin.

What Is Taking Care Of Your Skin?

  • Many people believe just showering and washing is enough to take care of your skin.
  • There is actually other important things that must be done to have healthy skin. For instance, it is not just about topical care. It starts first internally. Everything that appears on your skin is a reflection of your internal health. You may have heard of the whole face mapping thing. Where different areas on your face reflect certain organs. This is true. I learned this way back when during my Cosmetology schooling.

Why Do These Skin Issues Happen?

  • Think of it like this…our skin being the largest organ has to detox all of the crap we put in and on our bodies. The way our bodies try to get these toxins out is through excretion somehow. Sometimes it is hard to really pin point exactly what may be causing a certain skin condition. It also depends person to person and their immune system. BUT a majority of the time, it is food related. Some other things that can cause skin problems are,
    • hormones
    • medications
    • dehydration
    • allergic reactions
  • For me personally, when I eat any wheat/gluten my eczema really flares up on my arms, like it almost starts itching immediately. Also when that time of the month rolls around, I tend to have tiny breakouts around my chin area.
  • Trust me when I say having a certain skin condition, rash, pimple you name it appear on our body is super embarrassing. I feel like everyone who crosses paths with me will notice my skin rash right away. Guess what? They don’t. We are usually our own worst critic and it’s okay to not be perfect.

17 Best Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin

Tip 1: Eat Healthy

I know that’s probably not exactly what anyone wants to hear. But it’s true! Our diet totally has to do with the health of our skin. Wheat/Gluten affect SO many people that they may not even realize it. If you have chronic skin issues like eczema/psoriasis/keratosis pilaris/etc. then just try eliminating wheat to see the difference in your skin. Another big one is sugar, dairy, and processed foods. If you have severe acne, try eliminating all of the above! And of course those fried foods in that awful canola oil/peanut oil/vegetable oil…you get the hint. One of the hardest but most rewarding tips is to follow this one.

Tip 2: Drink Water

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas. It is such a must! Water is sooo important for the skin. WHY?! Do you want to look youthful and young and wrinkle free?? Then drink up girlfriend! Pour it in your wine glass and just pretend it tastes like wine. MMMMM. Water not only helps with minimizing/preventing wrinkles, but also prevents dry skin. And it gives your skin that healthy glow. You can thank me later.

Tip 3: Juice

Homemade fresh pressed vegetable juices are AMAZING! There are so many different drinks you can make and use all those healthy vegetables that have such great vitamins and nutrients for you skin! Use lemon and lime for Vitamin C which helps fight wrinkles. Carrots contains Vitamin A another Vitamin to fight off aging! Tomatoes have Lycopene this helps protect the skin from sun damage. Spinach is a good source of omegas that helps fight wrinkles as well. There are so many other fruits and vegetables that help contribute to healthy skin!

Tip 4: Eat Healthy Fats & Omegas

This seriously can do wonders for your skin and hair. Healthy fats are Avocados, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, and Organic Butter/Ghee to name a few. Healthy Omega 3’s come from Salmon, Hemp, Flax, spinach, walnuts are a few examples. Having Healthy Omegas also help protect from sun damage, free radicals, wrinkles, and helps lock in moisture keeping it hydrated.

Tip 5: Gamma Linolenic Acid

AKA Omega 6. Add this to your diet for healthy skin! Evening Primrose, Borage, Spirulina, Black Currant Seed, Hemp all contain GLA, These all help with acne, skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. They help your skin’s elasticity and are anti inflammatory oils and can help with puffiness, skin irritation and rashes you may have. It is even said that Evening Primrose can reduce dark spots and hyper pigmentation.

Tip 6: Limit Caffeine

I know this may be a challenge for many, I may not personally drink coffee but I do know that a majority of people live off of it. Caffeine isn’t just in coffee, but in certain teas, energy drinks, and soda. While Green Tea is very beneficial for you, this is the one caffeinated beverage you may want to switch to since it is said to help rejuvenate your skin. While the other caffeinated drinks have a negative effect on your skin. Caffeine is known to cause dehydration, and unless you are drinking more than enough water to equal this out, this can cause dry skin which contributes to aging skin. It also leaves your skin more vulnerable to skin damage. Let’s not also forget all the sugar that are in these beverages as well!

Tip 7: Avoid Alcohol & Smoking

Just like Coffee, Alcohol is suuuuuuuper dehydrating which leads to dry skin, and wrinkles. Oh and deff sun damage. BUT since I think it’s pretty known that alcohol does have a negative effect on the liver, when it tries to to detox, it is more than likely going to have some effects on the skin! Ever heard of liver spots Aka sun spots? Might try a liver detox. Now with smoking, this also has a super negative effect on your internal organs which is very much so going to show through your skin, causing discoloration, wrinkles, dry skin, susceptible to sun damage and also leading to other skin disorders.

Tip 8: Protect From The Sun

While we do benefit from getting sun daily, the Vitamin D absorption comes best from other exposed areas on your body and not necessarily your face. With our faces being the most prone to sunburns and are so sensitive since we are constantly washing/scrubbing etc it is a good idea to wear hats, and a SAFE non toxic sunscreen to protect it.

Tip 9: Healthy Skincare/Beauty Products

This is deff by far one of the most important tips. Women alone in one day use HUNDREDS of different chemicals between all of the different skincare/ hair care/ make up/ body sprays. I’m talking around 500 different chemicals. CRAZY. This all is going on their bodies and then being absorbed into the bloodstream. Fragrance/Parfum alone which is literally in every single product is a skin irritant! This contains probably 500 diff chemicals that aren’t mandated to be listed so they are all condensed into “Fragrance/Parfum”. Oh and Oxybenzone you know the ingredient in sunscreen to protect you from the sun so you don’t get skin cancer, weeeelll more and more studies are confirming it does cause cancer. Learning what is in your products is HUGE. There are amazing healthy and non toxic skin care products that help your skin repair itself as well as prevent future damage. You can read more about sunscreen here.

Tip 10: Exfoliate

Exfoliating 1-2 times per week is beneficial for brightening your face, scrubbing away dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth and clean. It is important to find an exfoliant that isn’t too abrasive because that could actually damage your skin. Exfoliating also opens your pores to help drive in and absorb your other products. Not only can you exfoliate your face, but also your whole body which helps increase your blood flow and circulation and helps to minimize scarring such as stretch marks. just DON’T exfoliate over broken/unhealed skin.

Tip 11: Wash Daily

Washing your face daily is essential to get rid of all the dirt/ makeup /oil/ grime from the day. We are exposed to so many different things flying around in the air like pollutants, dirt and bacteria, even the dust that flies around in our home. Having clean skin daily helps to keep your skin healthy, prevent breakouts, cleans out the pores, and helps manage the oil production.

Tip 12: Weekly Face Masks

Make time at least once a week to use a mask! Whether its a mud detox mask to help rid of all the impurities, and to help dry out acne, and minimize pores. Or a mask filled with antioxidants and other amazing skin loving ingredients to help brighten, moisturize and keep it looking young. Plus it’s therapeutic to make some time to have an at home spa day. You deserve it!

Tip 13: Moisturize

Soooo many cleansers we use to wash our face tend to be super drying. To help keep your skin staying moist and not drying out especially with winter time, use a moisturizer. Lighter moisturizers during the day are helpful especially if you want something under your make up to help it apply more even and less dull. Lighter moisturizers tend to be less oily. Use a thicker moisturizer in the evening before bed to repair your skin, help fight fine lines and wrinkles by helping lock in the moisture.

Tip 14: Give Your Skin A Rest

If you love to doll up and always put your face (make up) on every single day, try giving your skin a break. Let your natural skin breeeeeaathe for a nice full day. A lot of times make up can be pretty clogging to our pores. You know how it’s recommended to let a wound air out and heal instead of constantly having a band aid over it…well…same concept.

Tip 15: Be Gentle With Your Skin

Well this leads into the next tip…sometimes with all of the layers of makeup you may feel like you really need to get in there and scrub and tug and rub it all off. And I promise you your face doesn’t like that. This way of cleaning can end up being more damaging towards your pretty little face. Try lightly washing and patting instead of rubbing. And just a little side note say no to waterproof (especially mascara).

Tip 16: Don’t Touch

Growing up how many times did you hear “don’t touch your face your hands are dirty”. Well it’s true. Think about it you are probably on your phone ALOT which is full of grossness, they say it’s just as dirty as a public bathroom! Not only are you touching your dirty phone and then touching your face but when you talk on that dirty little phone it’s touching your face! So if you tend to notice you break out in the same area you are putting your phone up to your face maybe use headphones? If you are prone to acne, popping your pimples with dirty fingers is by far one of the worst things you can do. It’s an open lesion and what ever bacteria and germs are on your fingers end up going into that open area. Last thing you want is an infection.

Tip 17: Silk Pillowcase

Silk Pillowcases do wonders for not only your skin but also your hair. With the smooth surface it helps promote soft skin and fights against wrinkles. It is less abrasive as well. So it is good for any skin type whether you have dry skin, oily, acne, aging whatever it is a silk pillowcase could deff benefit you!

Tip 18: Disinfect

By: Anna Hallai at Winedowncommunity Cleaning and disinfecting your phone as well as your makeup brushes.

Tip 19: Layering Products

By: Patricia N. at Primeskincaresolutions Know which of your skincare products can be layered or mixed and which ones can’t. You can end up with irritation, peeling, acne breakouts and redness. An example is that Retinol and Vitamin C should never be used together. Vitamin C and AHAs and BHAs should also not be used together.

The Last Thing You Need To Know About Taking Care Of Your Skin

There are so many different healthy ways you can take care of your skin instead of getting toxic injections to improve your skin, or chemical peels that are filled with who knows what. If you have damaged skin it will take time to repair it, but you can do it! It won’t happen over night so just be patient and keep trying different things. Most importantly eat healthy, drink water and take care of you and your health.

Submit your healthy skin tip below to be featured! I would love to hear all the different ways you take care of your skin health!


The Best Juicers To Make Healthy Juices At Home

Juicing For Health

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The Best Juicer For Healthy Juices At Home

  • If you’re anything like me, you either spend waaaay to much money on store bought juices OR you bought a cheap little juicer from target. Either way it just isn’t working.
  • I love drinking green healthy juices quite often. In Cali we have a number of little places you can go buy a fresh pressed juice. You know with greens, celery, apples, etc. But these healthy juices are quite pricey. Like $8-$9 for 8 oz!!! Crazy right?! I could not afford an expensive juiced salad in a cup that didn’t even fill me up. It made me feel good and energetic. But didn’t do it for my wallet. So we bought a Jack Lalanne juicer to fix the issue. This was a great beginner juicer. After a while with all the juicing we did, we needed an upgrade. So after long nights of researching juicers, we finally made our decision, saved, and bought the SKG Juicer.

What is A Juicer?

  • It is a medium sized unit that you put different fruits & veggies through that separates the pulp from the juice.
  • A juicer is NOT the same as a blender. A blender cannot separate pulp from juice. It blends it all together. All juicers work differently as well as get taken apart and cleaned differently. This can be a lengthy annoying process.
  • Although the masticating juicers are slower they are more beneficial because it doesn’t heat up and oxidize the produce in the process. Therefore, it keeps all of the nutrients in the juice.

Why Should You Juice?

Juicing is a great healthy regimen to add in almost any lifestyle. Juicing helps aid in digestion, great way to add in your veggies, detoxes the body, and also repairs it! But just because you can juice anything doesn’t mean it’s automatically perfect for your body and health. For example you can’t only juice fruit and drink it all day everyday it is WAY too much sugar. While it is a natural sugar, you still don’t want to overdo it.

Why I Started Juicing

While working at a nutrition clinic, I realized literally everyone has gut issues. There were a few people that would get sick off anything they ate because they were unable to digest anything. This is where juicing came along in my life. For those with serious digestion issues sometimes the fiber would just be to harsh on their stomach. They would only be able to drink bone broth and fresh vegetable juices.

A majority of people probably don’t get anywhere near the amount of vegetables they should be eating in a day. It’s not easy eating rabbit food all day everyday. Juicing helps with that! You can literally juice all your recommended veggie serving size in one juice. Realizing how amazing and beneficial these juices are in helping repair the body, I knew I needed to start. Fresh vegetable juices are so amazing to help detox the body, repair the gut, add in adequate vitamins and nutrients, while also giving your body energy.

Best Juicers To Buy

When you invest in purchasing a juicer, think of it as an investment in your health.

The best part of purchasing your own juicer is that you won’t be spending more buying them from stores, and you know exactly what’s in them. I have tried 3 juicers. The Jack Lalanne, Green Star, and the SKG. These three all are great juicers, yet fits everyone’s different needs and lifestyles.

Jack Lalanne Juicer

This Juicer is great for someone who may want to have a juice here and there, and only wants to spend so much on a juicer. We had this juicer for a few years and it did it’s job. We decided to upgrade to a better juicer for a number of reasons. The cheaper ones don’t juice greens very well (spinach, kale, swiss chard). And we juice alot of greens. Also, it was a pain to clean the juicer. I mean all juicers are a pain to clean but this one was just more of a pain.

Jack Lalanne Juicer

SKG Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor With Wide Chute

My current most amazing juicer! I personally love this juicer it works perfectly for our needs! We get a great amount of juice extracted from the leafy greens that we use a lot. The cleanup is not bad at all, it comes with brushes to help clean the grater inside the juicer. IT also comes with a straining cloth, and a container to make your own tofu. We don’t eat tofu so it doesn’t matter to us, but you may love that 🙂 .

SKG Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor With Wide Chute

Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite Cold Press Complete Masticating Juicer

The Greenstar is also an amazing juicer. While working at the nutrition clinic, we used this in office. We hosted so many juicing classes using this juicer as the demo. I think it is is great for those who are serious about juicing daily. It works a bit quicker then the SKG, but yields just as much juice if not more. The cleanup of this unit is a pain in my opinion. I think it is a bit more tedious to clean, and it is definitely more of a larger unit, so make sure you have the space!

Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite Cold Press Complete Masticating Juicer

Common Questions/FAQ About Juicing

  • Can I store my juices for later?
    • YES
    • The best way to store your juice is in a tightly sealed container. Mason Jars are PERFECT.
    • To protect the enzymes in the juice, it is recommended to store in the fridge up to 72 hours.
  • Can I lose weight juicing?
    • This all depends on you 🙂
    • If you are eating healthy as well as juicing then most definitely!
  • Are juices meal replacements?
    • There are juice detox programs that are a few days where you consume only juices everyday. Usually it recommends consuming 20-30 oz fresh pressed juices 3-4 times a day.
  • Do you have to throw the pulp away?
    • There are so many options you can use the pulp for!
    • If you garden, it is great for compost!
    • You can also flatten the pulp out and dehydrate them for crackers.
    • Do you have dogs? Mix some of the pulp with their food! (unless they are picky)

The Last Thing You Need To Know About Juicing

  • Juicing is so amazing and healthy for the body. It is a great way to start towards Healthy Living! The more you get into juicing, you can start creating your own mixes of vegetables that are delicious! It is so perfect for all you mamas trying to add more veggies in their child’s diet! I make veggie juices and add some fruit to sweeten it up a bit to freeze and make healthy Popsicles for my little one.

What kind of juices do you enjoy making? Have you guys tried making crackers from the pulp?


The Beginner’s Guide To Healthy Living

*Please note: I am not a professional, this a personal blog, and the opinions expressed here represent my own.*

The Beginners Guide to Healthy Living

  • Living a healthy life is important for every single person, woman, man, child, mom, dad, grandparent, and even animals!

How Healthy Living Started In My Life

  • The past 7 years has been a journey of learning/trying different things, foods, products, etc. to live a healthier life. Growing up, I never thought about what my health could be in the far future. I constantly had stomach issues, severe cramps, random rashes, and occasional immune compromises. Every issue I had I felt was normal because at least one person around me had the exact same issue. When I went to work at a clinic that nutritionally helped all different people with chronic health issues. I met A LOT of sick people. Not just elderly. There were so many kids, teens, 20-30 year old people that had so many health issues. What I learned working there was you can feel better by changing the way you eat, and your environment. As a mom it is extra important for me to help keep my family healthy in this toxic world.

What is Healthy Living?

  • Basically how you live your life. What you do and use daily that overall affects your health either in a positive or negative way.
  • It is way more than just working out and counting calories. To create a more healthy life there are a couple key factors. Eat nutritious food (organic if possible). Look at what you are putting into as well as onto your body. Health has to do with nutrition (food), emotions (stress), physical activity (exercising) as well as environmental (chemicals we use that affect us).

How to get started with Healthy Living

  • First step is to take a look at your day to day life! Start with small steps. For nutrition, start eating more vegetables, and eliminating processed foods. Try yoga or some sort of meditation to help with stress. Make time to take a 30 minute walk every day. Read and research what ingredients are in your beauty care, cleaning, household products and slowly start switching to healthier options.

Tips for Success in Healthy Living

  • It is never too late to change anything in your life. Your life your terms 🙂 . The best way to be successful at making big changes is to start with one thing at a time. You know the whole you gotta walk before you run thing….well that literally applies to everything. Make goals for what you want to accomplish and change! Maybe it is ” I really want to eliminate soda and drink more water”. So if you drink soda every day with every meal, start with cutting one soda out a day. And switch it with a water. Then try that for a week, and every week cut out another soda. Little changes like this help you to be more successful. If you make such drastic changes all at once, it makes things difficult which may lead you to give up. Been there done that with eating healthy, exercise, you name it.

Common Questions/FAQ About Healthy Living

  • Why does eating organic matter?
    • To avoid the pesticides that are in our food. The biggest issue with genetically modified/non organic foods is glyphosate (the main herbicide used in the United States). It is a carcinogen and super toxic to humans, animals and the environment. So when we eat non-organic food we automatically consume what’s been sprayed or altered in the plant.
  • Is it automatically healthy food because it’s organic?
    • Just because you are eating something and it is organic, does NOT mean it is healthy for you. When it comes to processed foods, they are the worst and usually super high in sugar with 0 nutrition.
  • How do I know what ingredients are bad/toxic?
    • Whether it is food/ beauty care/ or cleaning products do your own research. Read on the ingredients listed that you may not know. Yes, I know this may be time consuming. But become aware of what harmful ingredients are going into YOU.
  • Are all forms of exercise healthy?
    • There are different debates on what type of fitness is considered good/healthy. Everything you do/consume should be done in moderation. Everyone is different, so what works for me and my body won’t necessarily work for you. Just continue trying new things to see what works.
  • I don’t have health issues, so why do I need to take on this approach to healthy living?
    • To help you continue feeling amazing. Some people go years eating the same way, not exercising, and using the same products with chemicals and feel fine. There is a chance down the road where it may all of a sudden start having a toll on your health. And you won’t know until then how it will actually affect your health. You may form a skin issue, an allergic reaction to something you were never allergic to before, stomach issues. You never really know.
  • Does stress really have an impact on your health?
    • YES, stress is huge. It is super important to find an outlet to help alleviate stress so it doesn’t consume you. Stress affects everyone’s health differently causing certain health issues that you are already battling to be worse.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Healthy Living

Taking on new life changes can be sometimes difficult and overwhelming. If you start slow, set goals, and know this is to better yourself. You and your health are important it can make it more easier.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” -Jim Rohn

What do you do to live a healthier life and what are the different ways that help you to manage stress?


8 Ways To Soothe A Teething Baby Naturally

**Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links listed below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links at no cost to you. Everything I list I personally have used and recommend.**

The Process of a Teething Baby

  • If teething isn’t the worse part about being a baby, I don’t know what is! My babygirl was 6 months old when her fist tooth came through right up front on the bottom row. We thought it was so cute to see everytime she smiled, but little did I know all the pain behind the teeth that were yet to come…
  • I swear once that first tooth came in more were coming through like wild fire! By her first birthday she had TEN TEETH! Eight up front, and two molars. I am aware that the order teeth pop through the pain seems to be more intense for them especially those molars, those things are huge! I have tried so many different remedies to help soothe her sore painful little gums, and below I will share what I have tried and what worked.

What Are The Common Teething Symptoms?

The signs your baby shows that she may be teething are, inflamed gums, constant drooling, constantly biting things, their fingers…or you. They also seem to be extra fussy, problems with going to sleep, or constantly waking up, rubbing and tugging at their ears,  and omg the drool rash! Every baby is different when it comes to teething and what they may go through.

My Personal Experience

Poor Carm had a drool rash a couple times, they aren’t painful or anything they just are very noticeable and not exactly pretty. I find my child beautiful no matter what is on her face , but other people are like OMGGGG WHAT HAPPENED?? And I am just like relax people…it’s a rash from teething, she’s like a running faucet where the drool just keeps on coming no matter how much I wipe her little face.

The first time her drool rash showed up it was around 4 months and it was really no big deal I couldn’t tell what it was. It kind of looked like a small random red mark on her cheek. Sometimes when babies sleep with their pacifier in, it locks in moisture on their face where it may be covering. This then starts to form the rash. Maybe because the saliva is acidic? I honestly don’t know. At 12 months she got a bigger drool rash on her chin area. At first it looks like pimples but then just ends up looking like a large red patch.

I am constantly putting Dr. Bonner’s Magic Balm on there which helps to not only heal the area but also create a barrier so moisture doesn’t keep touching that spot. It helps ALOT. Others recommend Aquaphor and other emollient type products, where I always try the healthier alternative product first. I am about that natural life.

When to Know if it’s a Teething Symptom

  • While all babies teeth differently, they also experience the signs of teething differently. It could be right before the tooth pops up , weeks or even a few months before, maybe during or after it comes in, it just all depends. And different remedies work different for each baby as well, you just have to continue trying new things mama! When in doubt it’s always good to double check with your child’s pediatrician.

8 Best Natural Ways to Help Ease the Pain

  1. FROZEN WASHCLOTH , you just get a small wash cloth roll it and run some filtered water over it and place it in the freezer. It takes almost less than an hour to be nice and frozen, and its super soothing for babies to teeth on. You could even soak it in some chamomile tea instead, it is said to help with inflammation, and it helps with relaxation.
  2. HOMEMADE POPSICLES , I am a huge fan of making Carm popsicles. She LOVES them. (Depending on the age of course) I introduced her to solids 7 months, but before that I just used breast milk in the popsicle molds and she loved it. Once you have introduced solids, you can make your own smoothie blends of fruits and veggies to freeze for them. Since the stainless steel popsicle molds are too heavy and difficult for her to hold the Nuby ones really are the best option since it is easier for babies to grip. I just wish they weren’t plastic 🙁
  3. MASSAGE , try using your fingers to massage over their little gums to help ease the pain, and pressure. Even just letting them gum on your finger would be relieving. Clean fingers are probably best.
  4. TEETHING TOY , I am not a fan of plastic teething toys at all, but there are food grade silicone teethers, natural non treated wooden teethers, and organic cotton toys for babies to chew on. Before Carm got her 10 chompers, around 7 months, I would let her gum on a Large cold carrot. (NOT a baby carrot) She really loved it, and wasn’t able to bite any pieces off.
  5. BALTIC AMBER NECKLACE , it is said that the oils (succinic acid) in the necklace gets absorbed through the babies skin and helps ease the pain. I find it important that the necklace isn’t to where the baby can see it on themselves and put it in their mouth. It can be a choking hazard if they chew on them because it is a small beaded necklace and isn’t meant to be chewed on. Also, babies should wear these when supervised throughout the day not while they are asleep.
  6. BREASTFEED ON DEMAND , For the nursing mamas, breastfeeding on demand is also very helpful and soothing for our teething little ones. Not only does it tend to be comforting for them, but that helps relieve the pain.
  7. TEETHING BISCUITS , I think these can be very beneficial when you make your own healthy biscuits for those 6 months and up. I have never bought them from the store, I have only made them myself I do try to avoid processed food as much as I can.
  8. TEETHING GLOVES AND BIBS , I especially appreciate the bibs because it’s like a two-fer it not only helps the teething part but helps with catching the drool! Hell yes you cannot beat that! The glove is nice because it gives baby something on their own hand to chew on and protects their little fingers from getting chomped on.

Common Questions/FAQ About Teething Babies

  • What is the best method to help with the pain?
    • What has worked best for my baby is breastfeeding on demand, frozen popsicle or washcloth, and the amber necklace. I do really feel I noticed a difference when she wears the necklace, and if it helps relieve that pain and is not an unhealthy option, than I am all about it!! The teething toys do seem to help as well but not as much as the others. Now as for gum massaging before the 10 teeth of course…she wasn’t much of a fan right away so I didn’t really do it for that long to honestly know if it would help, but I know for other Mamas, it really helped their child.
  • Does my baby bite while nursing because they are in pain?
    • They very well could be. I have personally experienced this, and it lasted about two weeks for the biting to stop. When she would bite me I would just finish nursing her for that moment, and offer her something she could teethe on. The key is not to react, because they tend to continue to do it.
  • Are there topical ointments I can use to help the pain?
    • ORAJEL IS NOT RECOMMENDED. I have seen homeopathic teething remedies online, but I have not tried it.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Teething Babies

  • It is so hard to watch our little ones go through pain and discomfort. Soon enough the time will pass and the pain will diminish, but during this time it is most important we are there for them when they need us. Not only are they in pain, more fussy/emotional, but it also suppresses their immune system making them more susceptible to getting sick. Feeding them healthy is a great way to help them through this time!

What Has Worked For Your Child?

What things have helped your baby with teething, and what signs did they show when they were going through it?


12 Month Baby Update

I am still in shock that my little girl is now a year old! Where did the time go?! It has been THE MOST amazing year watching her grow, learn and explore. She is so active and curious anything you have she wants and anything you do she will try and copy.

She can say Dada, Mama, and Dog. She plays peek-a-boo, shakes her head “no” claps her hands, dances to certain songs she likes and understands directions such as “go get the ball” or “throw the ball”. She is not quite walking on her own,  but is on the way! She walks the whole house with her push walker and cruises along all of the furniture. Her favorite thing is to listen to you make different animal sounds, and she can imitate the sound of a cow, lamb, and  I swear I heard her quack like a duck. I feel so proud every time she learns something new people think I am so weird. As new moms a lot of us are always wondering if our child is ahead or on track to what other children their age are doing, but it is important to remember every baby and child develop at their own pace when they are ready, of course there are things we can do as parents to help them learn, but not to get frustrated or put pressure on them. If there are things that our child may be extremely behind in or you may have a gut feeling about their developments always check with their pediatrician about your concerns.

Our current struggle is teething. Poor baby has 10 teeth and another molar that is going to pop through any day. When you are dealing with new teeth coming through, there are a list of other things that come along with it such as, biting, putting everything in their mouth, drool rashes, constipation, fussiness, restless nights, elevated body temp…just to name a few that we personally have gone through. As much as it is hard on us moms and dads especially to see our little babies suffer one of the main things that really seems to help them through it  is lots of love, cuddles and comfort (along with a list of others).

While she is in the stages of learning and exploring I personally feel that bringing my baby to new places is such a good way to help her explore. So far we have taken her to the beach where she LOVED exploring the sand and the different rocks within it, but definitely was not a fan of the cold ocean on her feet. She went to the zoo where she absolutely loved seeing all of the different animals as well as all of the different children there visiting too. We even decided to take her to an air show thinking we may have to cut it short because it may scare her, but to our surprise she really enjoyed it just being outside and people watching. Since it was also her 1st birthday, I know she got more than her feel for grocery stores, and is beyond over them. Having her 1st birthday was a whole new intimidating experience on it’s own.

This has been overall such an amazing, exciting and overall one of my personal best years just being a mom it’s such a gift!

What new and different things is your child learning and exploring?



11 Month Baby Update

It’s official, my happy baby girl is growing up TOO FAST. I feel like she’s a little toddler now rather than a baby. She is crawling EVERYWHERE, she stands and cruises EVERYTHING, and babbles nonstop just like her mama. She really is such a silly sweet girl though and I adore the crap out of her. Her newest and greatest little thing she does is wave bye-bye to everyone and everything even if they aren’t leaving. She loves to bounce to music, which by the way she LOVES to listen to music, “You make it easy” by Jason Aldean, and “Apples and Bananas” by Raffi are her favorite tunes. She literally listens to them on repeat for hours. She has 8 adorable little teeth, and more on the way which tend to be quite uncomfortable for her at times. I know many babies around this age have a favorite toy or blanket that are comforting for them, but she doesn’t seem to have any favorite items yet.

She absolutely loves to go to the park and go on the swing, she just cracks up and can just be in there all day. Once it starts to warm up I am really looking forward to taking her swimming.

Some of her other favorites:

-dogs (she thinks they are hilarious)

-breast milk, cassava flour waffles, seaweed, bison anything

-making funny faces in the mirror

-bouncing on Papa Bear’s lap

-chewing on EVERYTHING

-giving high fives

-screaming at high pitch, blowing raspberries

-says da-da, dog, ba-ba

-having her hands held and assisting her to walk

She is not a fan of, anyone taking her toys, you eating in front of her without sharing, not being able to crawl around, being tired, and being in her carseat for too long.

Besides her teething, the only other run in we had was she woke up early one morning and crawled off the bed on the opposite side of me while I was sleeping. I was so thankful she didn’t hit her head and cried for less than 30 secs, but I felt HORRIBLE. Her doctor said as a rule of thumb if she cries longer than 5 minutes to look for any marks, so luckily (knock on wood) this hasn’t been the case, but I still look for marks regardless the time of the cry. The more babies become mobile by crawling, surfing furniture, and walking, they tend to get a bit more bumps and bruises. We like to be her gymnast squatter and always stay near her just in case she were to fall because we are soooo fearful for her to hit her head. After she crawled out of our bed we immediately got a bed rail, and it has really helped not only give us a peace of mind but create a taller barrier for her.

I have been planning her 1st birthday party for the last 5 months. I like to be ahead of the game and start things super early so I am not stressing and taking time away from Carmie working on it. I still can’t believe in one month she will be a year old. It has been such an amazing year watching her grow and learn so much!

What do you notice your 11 month old baby doing and learning?