The Best Juicers To Make Healthy Juices At Home

Juicing For Health

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The Best Juicer For Healthy Juices At Home

  • If you’re anything like me, you either spend waaaay to much money on store bought juices OR you bought a cheap little juicer from target. Either way it just isn’t working.
  • I love drinking green healthy juices quite often. In Cali we have a number of little places you can go buy a fresh pressed juice. You know with greens, celery, apples, etc. But these healthy juices are quite pricey. Like $8-$9 for 8 oz!!! Crazy right?! I could not afford an expensive juiced salad in a cup that didn’t even fill me up. It made me feel good and energetic. But didn’t do it for my wallet. So we bought a Jack Lalanne juicer to fix the issue. This was a great beginner juicer. After a while with all the juicing we did, we needed an upgrade. So after long nights of researching juicers, we finally made our decision, saved, and bought the SKG Juicer.

What is A Juicer?

  • It is a medium sized unit that you put different fruits & veggies through that separates the pulp from the juice.
  • A juicer is NOT the same as a blender. A blender cannot separate pulp from juice. It blends it all together. All juicers work differently as well as get taken apart and cleaned differently. This can be a lengthy annoying process.
  • Although the masticating juicers are slower they are more beneficial because it doesn’t heat up and oxidize the produce in the process. Therefore, it keeps all of the nutrients in the juice.

Why Should You Juice?

Juicing is a great healthy regimen to add in almost any lifestyle. Juicing helps aid in digestion, great way to add in your veggies, detoxes the body, and also repairs it! But just because you can juice anything doesn’t mean it’s automatically perfect for your body and health. For example you can’t only juice fruit and drink it all day everyday it is WAY too much sugar. While it is a natural sugar, you still don’t want to overdo it.

Why I Started Juicing

While working at a nutrition clinic, I realized literally everyone has gut issues. There were a few people that would get sick off anything they ate because they were unable to digest anything. This is where juicing came along in my life. For those with serious digestion issues sometimes the fiber would just be to harsh on their stomach. They would only be able to drink bone broth and fresh vegetable juices.

A majority of people probably don’t get anywhere near the amount of vegetables they should be eating in a day. It’s not easy eating rabbit food all day everyday. Juicing helps with that! You can literally juice all your recommended veggie serving size in one juice. Realizing how amazing and beneficial these juices are in helping repair the body, I knew I needed to start. Fresh vegetable juices are so amazing to help detox the body, repair the gut, add in adequate vitamins and nutrients, while also giving your body energy.

Best Juicers To Buy

When you invest in purchasing a juicer, think of it as an investment in your health.

The best part of purchasing your own juicer is that you won’t be spending more buying them from stores, and you know exactly what’s in them. I have tried 3 juicers. The Jack Lalanne, Green Star, and the SKG. These three all are great juicers, yet fits everyone’s different needs and lifestyles.

Jack Lalanne Juicer

This Juicer is great for someone who may want to have a juice here and there, and only wants to spend so much on a juicer. We had this juicer for a few years and it did it’s job. We decided to upgrade to a better juicer for a number of reasons. The cheaper ones don’t juice greens very well (spinach, kale, swiss chard). And we juice alot of greens. Also, it was a pain to clean the juicer. I mean all juicers are a pain to clean but this one was just more of a pain.

Jack Lalanne Juicer

SKG Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor With Wide Chute

My current most amazing juicer! I personally love this juicer it works perfectly for our needs! We get a great amount of juice extracted from the leafy greens that we use a lot. The cleanup is not bad at all, it comes with brushes to help clean the grater inside the juicer. IT also comes with a straining cloth, and a container to make your own tofu. We don’t eat tofu so it doesn’t matter to us, but you may love that 🙂 .

SKG Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor With Wide Chute

Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite Cold Press Complete Masticating Juicer

The Greenstar is also an amazing juicer. While working at the nutrition clinic, we used this in office. We hosted so many juicing classes using this juicer as the demo. I think it is is great for those who are serious about juicing daily. It works a bit quicker then the SKG, but yields just as much juice if not more. The cleanup of this unit is a pain in my opinion. I think it is a bit more tedious to clean, and it is definitely more of a larger unit, so make sure you have the space!

Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite Cold Press Complete Masticating Juicer

Common Questions/FAQ About Juicing

  • Can I store my juices for later?
    • YES
    • The best way to store your juice is in a tightly sealed container. Mason Jars are PERFECT.
    • To protect the enzymes in the juice, it is recommended to store in the fridge up to 72 hours.
  • Can I lose weight juicing?
    • This all depends on you 🙂
    • If you are eating healthy as well as juicing then most definitely!
  • Are juices meal replacements?
    • There are juice detox programs that are a few days where you consume only juices everyday. Usually it recommends consuming 20-30 oz fresh pressed juices 3-4 times a day.
  • Do you have to throw the pulp away?
    • There are so many options you can use the pulp for!
    • If you garden, it is great for compost!
    • You can also flatten the pulp out and dehydrate them for crackers.
    • Do you have dogs? Mix some of the pulp with their food! (unless they are picky)

The Last Thing You Need To Know About Juicing

  • Juicing is so amazing and healthy for the body. It is a great way to start towards Healthy Living! The more you get into juicing, you can start creating your own mixes of vegetables that are delicious! It is so perfect for all you mamas trying to add more veggies in their child’s diet! I make veggie juices and add some fruit to sweeten it up a bit to freeze and make healthy Popsicles for my little one.

What kind of juices do you enjoy making? Have you guys tried making crackers from the pulp?


The Beginner’s Guide To Healthy Living

Veggies for Healthy Living

*Please note: I am not a professional, this a personal blog, and the opinions expressed here represent my own.*

The Beginners Guide to Healthy Living

  • Living a healthy life is important for every single person, woman, man, child, mom, dad, grandparent, and even animals!

How Healthy Living Started In My Life

  • The past 7 years has been a journey of learning/trying different things, foods, products, etc. to live a healthier life. Growing up, I never thought about what my health could be in the far future. I constantly had stomach issues, severe cramps, random rashes, and occasional immune compromises. Every issue I had I felt was normal because at least one person around me had the exact same issue. When I went to work at a clinic that nutritionally helped all different people with chronic health issues. I met A LOT of sick people. Not just elderly. There were so many kids, teens, 20-30 year old people that had so many health issues. What I learned working there was you can feel better by changing the way you eat, and your environment. As a mom it is extra important for me to help keep my family healthy in this toxic world.

What is Healthy Living?

  • Basically how you live your life. What you do and use daily that overall affects your health either in a positive or negative way.
  • It is way more than just working out and counting calories. To create a more healthy life there are a couple key factors. Eat nutritious food (organic if possible). Look at what you are putting into as well as onto your body. Health has to do with nutrition (food), emotions (stress), physical activity (exercising) as well as environmental (chemicals we use that affect us).

How to get started with Healthy Living

  • First step is to take a look at your day to day life! Start with small steps. For nutrition, start eating more vegetables, and eliminating processed foods. Try yoga or some sort of meditation to help with stress. Make time to take a 30 minute walk every day. Read and research what ingredients are in your beauty care, cleaning, household products and slowly start switching to healthier options.

Tips for Success in Healthy Living

  • It is never too late to change anything in your life. Your life your terms 🙂 . The best way to be successful at making big changes is to start with one thing at a time. You know the whole you gotta walk before you run thing….well that literally applies to everything. Make goals for what you want to accomplish and change! Maybe it is ” I really want to eliminate soda and drink more water”. So if you drink soda every day with every meal, start with cutting one soda out a day. And switch it with a water. Then try that for a week, and every week cut out another soda. Little changes like this help you to be more successful. If you make such drastic changes all at once, it makes things difficult which may lead you to give up. Been there done that with eating healthy, exercise, you name it.

Common Questions/FAQ About Healthy Living

  • Why does eating organic matter?
    • To avoid the pesticides that are in our food. The biggest issue with genetically modified/non organic foods is glyphosate (the main herbicide used in the United States). It is a carcinogen and super toxic to humans, animals and the environment. So when we eat non-organic food we automatically consume what’s been sprayed or altered in the plant.
  • Is it automatically healthy food because it’s organic?
    • Just because you are eating something and it is organic, does NOT mean it is healthy for you. When it comes to processed foods, they are the worst and usually super high in sugar with 0 nutrition.
  • How do I know what ingredients are bad/toxic?
    • Whether it is food/ beauty care/ or cleaning products do your own research. Read on the ingredients listed that you may not know. Yes, I know this may be time consuming. But become aware of what harmful ingredients are going into YOU.
  • Are all forms of exercise healthy?
    • There are different debates on what type of fitness is considered good/healthy. Everything you do/consume should be done in moderation. Everyone is different, so what works for me and my body won’t necessarily work for you. Just continue trying new things to see what works.
  • I don’t have health issues, so why do I need to take on this approach to healthy living?
    • To help you continue feeling amazing. Some people go years eating the same way, not exercising, and using the same products with chemicals and feel fine. There is a chance down the road where it may all of a sudden start having a toll on your health. And you won’t know until then how it will actually affect your health. You may form a skin issue, an allergic reaction to something you were never allergic to before, stomach issues. You never really know.
  • Does stress really have an impact on your health?
    • YES, stress is huge. It is super important to find an outlet to help alleviate stress so it doesn’t consume you. Stress affects everyone’s health differently causing certain health issues that you are already battling to be worse.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Healthy Living

Taking on new life changes can be sometimes difficult and overwhelming. If you start slow, set goals, and know this is to better yourself. You and your health are important it can make it more easier.

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” -Jim Rohn

What do you do to live a healthier life and what are the different ways that help you to manage stress?


8 Ways To Help A Teething Baby Naturally

**Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links listed below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links at no cost to you. Everything I list I personally have used and recommend.**

If teething isn’t the worse part about being a baby, I don’t know what is! My babygirl was 6 months old when her fist tooth came through right up front on the bottom row. We thought it was so cute to see everytime she smiled, but little did I know all the pain behind the teeth that were yet to come…I swear once that first tooth came in a ton more were coming through like wild fire! By her first birthday she had TEN TEETH! Eight up front, and two molars. I am aware that the order teeth pop through the pain seems to be more intense for them especially those molars, those things are huge!

The signs your baby shows that she may be teething are, inflamed gums, constant drooling, constantly biting things, their fingers…or you. They also seem to be extra fussy, problems with going to sleep, or constantly waking up, rubbing and tugging at their ears,  and omg the drool rash! Every baby is different when it comes to teething and what they may go through.

Poor Carm had a drool rash a couple times, they aren’t painful or anything they just are very noticeable and not exactly pretty. I find my child beautiful no matter what is on her face , but other people are like OMGGGG WHAT HAPPENED?? And I am just like relax people…it’s a rash from teething, she’s like a running faucet where the drool just keeps on coming no matter how much I wipe her little face.

The first time her drool rash showed up it was around 4 months and it was really no big deal I couldn’t tell what it was. It kind of looked like a small random red mark on her cheek. Sometimes when babies sleep with their pacifier in, it locks in moisture on their face where it may be covering. This then starts to form the rash. Maybe because the saliva is acidic? I honestly don’t know. At 12 months she got a bigger drool rash on her chin area. At first it looks like pimples but then just ends up looking like a large red patch.

I am constantly putting Dr. Bonner’s Magic Balm on there which helps to not only heal the area but also create a barrier so moisture doesn’t keep touching that spot. It helps ALOT. Others recommend Aquaphor and other emollient type products, where I always try the healthier alternative product first. I am about that natural life.

While all babies teeth differently, they also experience the signs of teething differently. It could be right before the tooth pops up , weeks or even a few months before, maybe during or after it comes in, it just all depends. And different remedies work different for each baby as well, you just have to continue trying new things mama!

Here are a few natural ways to help ease the teething pain to keep your little ones more comfortable:

  1. FROZEN WASHCLOTH , you just get a small wash cloth roll it and run some filtered water over it and place it in the freezer. It takes almost less than an hour to be nice and frozen, and its super soothing for babies to teeth on. You could even soak it in some chamomile tea instead, it is said to help with inflammation, and it helps with relaxation.
  2. HOMEMADE POPSICLES , I am a huge fan of making Carm popsicles. She LOVES them. (Depending on the age of course) I introduced her to solids 7 months, but before that I just used breast milk in the popsicle molds and she loved it. Once you have introduced solids, you can make your own smoothie blends of fruits and veggies to freeze for them. Since the stainless steel popsicle molds are too heavy and difficult for her to hold the Nuby ones really are the best option since it is easier for babies to grip, I just wish they weren’t plastic 🙁
  3. MASSAGE , try using your fingers to massage over their little gums to help ease the pain, and pressure. Even just letting them gum on your finger would be relieving. Clean fingers are probably best.
  4. TEETHING TOY , I am not a fan of plastic teething toys at all, but there are food grade silicone teethers, natural non treated wooden teethers, and organic cotton toys for babies to chew on. Before Carm got her 10 chompers, around 7 months, I would let her gum on a Large cold carrot. (NOT a baby carrot) She really loved it, and wasn’t able to bite any pieces off.
  5. BALTIC AMBER NECKLACE , it is said that the oils (succinic acid) in the necklace gets absorbed through the babies skin and helps ease the pain. I find it important that the necklace isn’t to where the baby can see it on themselves and put it in their mouth. It can be a choking hazard if they chew on them because it is a small beaded necklace and isn’t meant to be chewed on. Also, babies should wear these when supervised throughout the day not while they are asleep.
  6. BREASTFEED ON DEMAND , For the nursing mamas, breastfeeding on demand is also very helpful and soothing for our teething little ones. Not only does it tend to be comforting for them, but that helps relieve the pain.
  7. TEETHING BISCUITS , I think these can be very beneficial when you make your own healthy biscuits for those 6 months and up. I have never bought them from the store, I have only made them myself I do try to avoid processed food as much as I can.
  8. TEETHING GLOVES AND BIBS , I especially appreciate the bibs because it’s like a two-fer it not only helps the teething part but helps with catching the drool! Hell yes you cannot beat that! The glove is nice because it gives baby something on their own hand to chew on and protects their little fingers from getting chomped on.

While there are other products out on the market to help with teething such as homeopathic tabs and ointments, I personally have never tried them out so I didn’t list what I have yet to try! ORAJEL IS NOT RECOMMENDED.

What has worked best for my baby is breastfeeding on demand, frozen popsicle or washcloth, and the amber necklace. I do really feel I noticed a difference when she wears the necklace, and if it helps relieve that pain and is not an unhealthy option, than I am all about it!! The teething toys do seem to help as well but not as much as the others. Now as for gum massaging before the 10 teeth of course…she wasn’t much of a fan right away so I didn’t really do it for that long to honestly know if it would help, but I know for other Mamas, it really helped their child.

There has come a point around 12 months, where Carm finds it funny to bite me. I have noticed she will bite me for one of two reasons, one …she’s not hungry, or two she has just finished nursing.

Now initially, I am not going to lie…the shock and the pain was too much for me not to shriek, which she then found HILARIOUS. So it continued…it was a game that everytime she finished nursing she would bite me and look at me and smile, so the best thing I could do was not react at all. As much as I wanted to scream in pain, I held a straight face and would finish nursing in that moment thinking she was done. But this then lead me to be terrified to nurse her knowing she was going to bite me. I was contemplating after a year of breastfeeding that I was done. But I knew that wasn’t really an option because nursing her helped her so much from comforting, to sleeping, to teething, to bonding, I just didn’t want to quit on her or MYSELF,

I knew back when I was pregnant my goal was to breastfeed her for at least 2 years or when she was done. Because I felt like I received so much discouragement from others that I wouldn’t be successful at it because so many other people were not and how difficult it is etc. . So I told myself to suck it up and eventually she may stop. And sure enough she did! So I think for a good solid 2-3 weeks I endured biting with every feeding. So you are not alone all you mamas nursing piranha babies, I get it…it’s not a good time, just do what’s best for YOU! Sometimes we are the hardest on ourselves especially when we shouldn’t be!


What things have helped your baby with teething, and what signs did they show when they were going through it?


About Me

Oh. Hello… 🙂

 I’m Erin, mama-bear of a beautiful baby girl and 3 fur babies. I went from working full time in the corporate world and being a student part time to full time mom-life, and I LOVE it.  I am all about natural living and eating healthy, cooking, exercise, glam, traveling, animals, DIY projects and everything in between! I am a Pinterest addict. And my goal is to help and inspire others and share my journey being a new mama and anything else that excites me! 


12 Month Baby Update

I am still in shock that my little girl is now a year old! Where did the time go?! It has been THE MOST amazing year watching her grow, learn and explore. She is so active and curious anything you have she wants and anything you do she will try and copy.

She can say Dada, Mama, and Dog. She plays peek-a-boo, shakes her head “no” claps her hands, dances to certain songs she likes and understands directions such as “go get the ball” or “throw the ball”. She is not quite walking on her own,  but is on the way! She walks the whole house with her push walker and cruises along all of the furniture. Her favorite thing is to listen to you make different animal sounds, and she can imitate the sound of a cow, lamb, and  I swear I heard her quack like a duck. I feel so proud every time she learns something new people think I am so weird. As new moms a lot of us are always wondering if our child is ahead or on track to what other children their age are doing, but it is important to remember every baby and child develop at their own pace when they are ready, of course there are things we can do as parents to help them learn, but not to get frustrated or put pressure on them. If there are things that our child may be extremely behind in or you may have a gut feeling about their developments always check with their pediatrician about your concerns.

Our current struggle is teething. Poor baby has 10 teeth and another molar that is going to pop through any day. When you are dealing with new teeth coming through, there are a list of other things that come along with it such as, biting, putting everything in their mouth, drool rashes, constipation, fussiness, restless nights, elevated body temp…just to name a few that we personally have gone through. As much as it is hard on us moms and dads especially to see our little babies suffer one of the main things that really seems to help them through it  is lots of love, cuddles and comfort (along with a list of others).

While she is in the stages of learning and exploring I personally feel that bringing my baby to new places is such a good way to help her explore. So far we have taken her to the beach where she LOVED exploring the sand and the different rocks within it, but definitely was not a fan of the cold ocean on her feet. She went to the zoo where she absolutely loved seeing all of the different animals as well as all of the different children there visiting too. We even decided to take her to an air show thinking we may have to cut it short because it may scare her, but to our surprise she really enjoyed it just being outside and people watching. Since it was also her 1st birthday, I know she got more than her feel for grocery stores, and is beyond over them. Having her 1st birthday was a whole new intimidating experience on it’s own.

This has been overall such an amazing, exciting and overall one of my personal best years just being a mom it’s such a gift!

What new and different things is your child learning and exploring?



Why You Need To Get Rid Of Plastic

Why is plastic literally in every single thing?! Oh yeah because it’s cheap, convenient and durable. You know what it is not? SAFE. Plastic is super toxic to not only us as humans, but to all animals, and our planet. Plastic is filling our oceans, where it doesn’t break down and being consumed by birds, marine mammals, and other species. It’s just sad.

^ here is an informative article about the different plastics, and where you will find them in your every day life, and how they can affect you.

Before becoming a mom I was aware of the dangers in plastic, and converted from plastic food storage containers and water bottles to glass and stainless steel. Now as a mom it is even more stressful because all baby toys are plastic, and my 11 month old baby puts every single thing in her mouth and teethes on it. I am constantly researching and trying to find nontoxic toys for her to play with. Since these alternative toys are more on the pricey side I can’t just go buy all new toys so in the mean time I have a box full of plastic toys I am not comfortable with her exploring and I have learned that just because it is labeled “BPA Free” or “PVC Free” doesn’t mean it’s 100% safe. Is it better without those toxins? Yes. Is it still something a child should be teething on…ummm no. It is disheartening that all of these baby and children companies that we are trusting in are using toxic chemicals in our children’s toys and products with the hopes we will never question it. I really had no idea all of the serious health concerns behind this  until now.

I am learning to not only research the company itself, but contact them and ask the important questions like; “Does this contain lead? What is this made of? Does it come from China? (They don’t have strict regulations on how things are made) How often is this tested? AND, “What is it tested for”. I feel like I already have 10,000 things I am trying to remember and do, and to add another thing on my list such as researching every toy I buy my child is just exhausting. I have found some really great brands along the way:




-You can also  find a ton on Etsy

What other brands do you know of?



11 Month Baby Update

It’s official, my happy baby girl is growing up TOO FAST. I feel like she’s a little toddler now rather than a baby. She is crawling EVERYWHERE, she stands and cruises EVERYTHING, and babbles nonstop just like her mama. She really is such a silly sweet girl though and I adore the crap out of her. Her newest and greatest little thing she does is wave bye-bye to everyone and everything even if they aren’t leaving. She loves to bounce to music, which by the way she LOVES to listen to music, “You make it easy” by Jason Aldean, and “Apples and Bananas” by Raffi are her favorite tunes. She literally listens to them on repeat for hours. She has 8 adorable little teeth, and more on the way which tend to be quite uncomfortable for her at times. I know many babies around this age have a favorite toy or blanket that are comforting for them, but she doesn’t seem to have any favorite items yet.

She absolutely loves to go to the park and go on the swing, she just cracks up and can just be in there all day. Once it starts to warm up I am really looking forward to taking her swimming.

Some of her other favorites:

-dogs (she thinks they are hilarious)

-breast milk, cassava flour waffles, seaweed, bison anything

-making funny faces in the mirror

-bouncing on Papa Bear’s lap

-chewing on EVERYTHING

-giving high fives

-screaming at high pitch, blowing raspberries

-says da-da, dog, ba-ba

-having her hands held and assisting her to walk

She is not a fan of, anyone taking her toys, you eating in front of her without sharing, not being able to crawl around, being tired, and being in her carseat for too long.

Besides her teething, the only other run in we had was she woke up early one morning and crawled off the bed on the opposite side of me while I was sleeping. I was so thankful she didn’t hit her head and cried for less than 30 secs, but I felt HORRIBLE. Her doctor said as a rule of thumb if she cries longer than 5 minutes to look for any marks, so luckily (knock on wood) this hasn’t been the case, but I still look for marks regardless the time of the cry. The more babies become mobile by crawling, surfing furniture, and walking, they tend to get a bit more bumps and bruises. We like to be her gymnast squatter and always stay near her just in case she were to fall because we are soooo fearful for her to hit her head. After she crawled out of our bed we immediately got a bed rail, and it has really helped not only give us a peace of mind but create a taller barrier for her.

I have been planning her 1st birthday party for the last 5 months. I like to be ahead of the game and start things super early so I am not stressing and taking time away from Carmie working on it. I still can’t believe in one month she will be a year old. It has been such an amazing year watching her grow and learn so much!

What do you notice your 11 month old baby doing and learning?


How To Get Back To Your Pre-Pregnancy Weight

I am almost 10 1/2 months postpartum and I am officially at my pre pregnancy weight! WOOT-WOOT! Before I get into what I did to help get back to my pre pregnancy weight, let me share with you what kind of shape I was in before I found out I was pregnant. For me personally, I try not to set “weight goals” due to the fact the numbers on the scale constantly fluctuate for a number of different factors… sometimes this can be super frustrating or even discouraging. I like to use how my clothes fit as a gauge to achieve my body shape goals. For instance, I have ALOT of clothes in my closet that are too small for me to fit in…but I keep them as a motivation to help me fit back in them.

So before motherhood began, I was an avid runner…but not to the extent where I could run a marathon, BUT that was my goal that I was working towards. I would run anywhere from 3-5 miles a day about 3-4 days a week. I also did body weight workouts 3-4 days a week, and hike at least once a week. So I feel like I worked out pretty consistent, and I was in pretty good shape, but I wasn’t really where I wanted to be size wise, or endurance wise. Naturally, I have a small-ish frame, but as my biggest self critic I was never satisfied with my appearance (being a mom has definitely helped me to appreciate my body).

Once I became pregnant, that first trimester nausea hit me hard. For me it was not “morning sickness” it was “24/7 sickness”. This put a nice big pause on working out. Then by second trimester I felt MUCH better, and started to run again. For doctor appointments, I saw midwives at Sutter Hospital, but I also saw a Nurse Practitioner at a private practice who incorporates integrative medicine. During one of my visits at the private practice, she manually checked my Blood Pressure, and it read abnormally low. So I was advised to hold off on running so I don’t continue to stress my adrenals and try something more relaxing such as walking or yoga. So I decided to go for walks.

41 weeks pregnant and I weighed 50 Pounds heavier than before I was pregnant. I was told during pregnancy women gain 25-40 pounds, and I obviously exceeded that. I have always had an appetite, and I eat ALOT, and being pregnant made me even more hungry.

The day after giving birth, I was instantly down 20 pounds, 8 lbs 13 oz of it being my beautiful baby girl. Now I just needed to lose 30 pounds to get where I was before.

I do admit I still focus fitting back into my smaller clothes, but I have been fixated on losing those numbers on the scale as a peace of mind to help me get back on track to get in shape, and stay healthy.

I know many people start right back into working out as soon as they get the go ahead from their doctors like 6 weeks after giving birth, and I envy them and their willpower/dedication/determination and most important their energy! As a 24/7  cafeteria milk lady, my energy gets sucked out with the milk. Over the last 10 months I have probably done a total of THREE 1 mile jogs, and TWO body weight workouts.

Well… then what did you do to lose the weight you ask?


I probably walk at least 2 miles most likely more…about 5 days a week, and then obviously breastfeed on demand it feels like 30 times a day but its definitely less. It is said that you can burn up to 500 calories a day with breastfeeding!

For the Mamas who were not able to breastfeed , I totally get it sometimes things happen in life for whatever reason where we have no choice because not enough milk is being produced, going back to work, constant infections, or whatever else may inhibit you to breastfeed, you can still get to your pre pregnancy weight too! 

Consuming enough water is VERY important and plays a key role. My goal is to drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces a day. I LOVE LOVE LOVE  water, but I know basically everyone else does not and finds it boring. To help make it less boring try adding some fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice! This also tastes UH-mazing in the non flavored bottled spring water (which is filled with natural healthy minerals).

My biggest challenge at the moment is fine tuning my diet. I know once I start being more regimen on my food intake (and incorporate more exercise) I will progress even more! I don’t like to say I am dieting or going on a diet, I believe eating healthy is a lifestyle change! I never consider myself as an unhealthy eater. Do I consume junk food? YES, every once in a while. AND so I don’t feel 100% guilty I eat organic/non gmo junk food, so therefore it is still bad for me but it doesn’t have pesticides in it so consciously I feel better. I really do try to limit the junk food because it isn’t fair for my baby who I am nursing to get this through my breast milk, and it is something I want to strive to perfect.

My food plan of choice is paleo. I have always followed this in the past and it has worked for me, and I will continue to eat this way (although I am not a strict follower). I know a lot of other people follow keto, and these moms have gotten a lot of success from following keto! I believe you should follow whatever works best for you and your body/lifestyle. There is not one perfect solution that fits everyone. But what will work for everyone is:

-drinking more water

-limiting sugar (especially refined sugar)

-watching your carbohydrate intake (breads/pastas/flours/etc.)

-exercise – even walking (walk your dog, go with a friend, family member, your baby! – if weather permits it…if not then youtube has some great at home workouts.)

-eliminate stressors

-Most important…be kind and loving to yourself

What have you done to help you lose the baby weight, and how long did it take?


Life As A New Mama

I can’t believe in two days it will officially be exactly 10 months my little Carmie came into this world! It has been so amazing watching her grow and learn so many new things! Her newest and greatest adventure is climbing, standing, and chewing on everything. She definitely keeps me on my toes, but I never would have thought that experiencing all of this could be so exciting. Anytime Carmie does something new I get so overwhelmed with excitement…I am definitely that parent.

Then again it is also terrifying as well. I am always wondering if I am teaching her enough, or am I socializing enough, and OMG the germs!!!! I would have never ever consider myself a germ-o-phobe but when I delivered Carmie this new condition came as well. Babies explore things by placing literally everything into their mouth, while I am all for her exploring and learning and doing her thing, I am sorry I just can’t let her put every single thing in her mouth. Everytime we go to the grocery store she really wants to explore the grocery cart with her mouth. And yes, I have the shopping cart cover (which is a bigger struggle at Costco, since it never seems to fit their cars properly) but she always manages to reach out to the part that isn’t covered and I just cringe imagining all this bacteria now on her hands. Anytime she drops a toy on the ground (that isn’t her designated play area) I don’t give it back to her unless it is washed/cleaned/sanitized, whatever needs to be done! Thankfully there is safe non toxic hand sanitizers to help calm down the drama queen in me, which have probably at least 100 bottles spread throughout everywhere in the house, every car, and every single bag I own.

I am sure it doesn’t help poor little Carmie that all these little teeth keep popping up. She has 6 with two more top teeth breaking through making a mouth of 8! Do all 10 month babies have 8 teeth???? I feel like she got them all so fast, which is why she just wants to gnaw on everything and everyone. If you’re breastfeeding this is definitely not a good time. But of course she finds it to be hilarious.

Good news is the sleep patterns are amazing now! I mean she does wake up to eat maybe 1-2 times at night but she falls right back to sleep, so she gets anywhere from 10-12 hours of sleep with 1-2 naps during the day. She will definitely let you know when she is tired, she gets veeerrry fussy. Carmie is such a silly and overall happy baby, she makes me so happy.

She has learned so many things up to now:

-babbles A LOT

-gives kisses and high fives

-can pull herself up to stand

-can walk with assistance

-surfs the furniture

-self feeds

-crawls on everything and everyone

-ultimate busy body

More recently we experienced another new (not so fun) journey. Constipation. Poor Carmie was backed up for 8 days. Yes, that’s right, EIGHT DAYS!! And trust me Papa Bear and myself were freaking out by the second day. Everything I read online and in books kept saying this is normal for breastfed babies. The problem was she isn’t just breastfed! She is 95% breastfed and then the other 5% of her diet is solids. My biggest fear was she would become impacted. Fortunately enough she wasn’t in any pain and her Doctor couldn’t feel or hear anything to cause concern when examining her tummy, and we figured out naturally how to help her go! I will have another post that gives all the details on this 8 day expereince.

While Carmie is constantly learning and changing rapidly, so am I! She has not only taught me about the important things in life, but to prioritize and organize, which will be one of my newest and on going journeys to not only help my family, but to give me more tools to teach her as she grows.


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